Wonderland: CYT National Featured On PBS

CYT National was featured on the KPBS San Diego show “Wonderland” with Noah Tafolla. In the video Noah flies like Peter Pan, and talks CYT -past & present- with the Russell family. Check out the episode below:

Noah Tafolla’s tagline for the show reveals his dedication to seeking out the best in the county, “San Diego’s a great place to live. The problem is we get so busy, we don’t have the time to enjoy it all. So I decided to take my camera and capture all I could. ”

As a result of Wonderland’s coverage, the San Diego community has began to take notice. On Twitter, Brenda Giguere replied to @cytnational: Just learned about you on the “Wonderland” show, and am very impressed. Congratulations, and continued joy and success to you.

WONDERLAND airs on KPBS in San Diego once a month. Go to www.wonderlandsd.com and check local listings for details.

A Day In The Life of The Shop: Nick McNamer


Nick McNamer works his derriere off as the CYT San Diego Production Manager. Joined at his hip is Floyd Meldrum. Together they create a rentals team that flows effervescently, day in and day out. McNamer likes to joke around as much as possible, but everyone knows he is one of the hardest workers around CYT San Diego.

“Out here in the shop right now, our basic day-to-day operations are fixing and building set pieces and getting ready for rentals that are going out and coming in,” said McNamara.

Currently the boys are getting ready for High School Musical 2, cameras and paint in hand.

“Today we took some High School Musical 2 photographs- we take photos of the sets so they know what is going up. Floyd painted a fake baby grand piano. It took him around twenty minutes to paint a couple of coats, and to touch it up.”

McNamara and Floyd basically make stuff happen, keep the shop clean, and make phone calls like real secretaries. On this sunny day in San Diego, McNamara had to call some vendors to get receipts, “to make the people dealing with finances happy, and to make their books look good.”

CYT KC Costumers Design For A ‘Christmas in Baghdad’

Tragic, yet inspiring.

Three costume designers from CYT Kansas City are helping to create nativity garments for a persecuted church in Iraq. They will be creating costumes alongside designers from The Culture House, a nonprofit arts academy located in Olathe Kansas, who decided to take action. St. George’s Church is located in the “Red Zone” of Baghdad, Iraq, and has more than 3,500 Iraqi Christian attendees. No was hurt with the explosion, yet damage was caused to the church compound, the church’s bookshop, school rooms, and clinic.

The blog Red !nk posted details about this last week,

“A number of The Culture House’s costume designers will be sewing together nativity costumes to help the church’s children better understand and celebrate the birth of Christ. The costumes will be sent in time for the upcoming Christmas season. Designers involved in the project include… Mary Henderson, Julia Ras and Gina Milbourn from Christian Youth Theater.”

When Gina Milbourn  met with Julia Ras about the project there was major excitement in the room. Milbourn said, “Julia is an AMAZING costumer, and she has generously helped to recruit others to help her create the costumes for the children in St. George’s Church in Baghdad.  One of our CYT KC alumni, Kelsey Milbourn, is helping also.”

We think it’s awe-inspiring and commendable what Mary, Julia, Gina, and Kelsey are doing! Please contact them if you would like to help.

You can read more about ‘Christmas in Baghdad’ at the Red !nk blog, here.

No Pain, No Gain: Running for CYT


CYT San Diego is excited to add an active approach to support CYT/CCT! On January 24th, 2010 a group will be participating in the Carlsbad Half Marathon to promote and raise funds for CYT/CCT. Cathie Stanner, CYT/CCT Managing Director, has completed two marathons as well as a dozen half marathons- four in this year alone! She looks forward to this event for many reasons,

“The Carlsbad Half Marathon is exciting because of the sheer numbers of people involved; from the race participants to the volunteers to the street-lined supporters with their signs, bells, whistles and shout-outs. This course is especially suited to newcomers as it is relatively flat with an ocean view for most of the way.”

Her words of advice? “Be sure to adequately train and to pace yourself. Your goal should be to finish strong, not necessarily fast!”

CCT/CYT will receive direct benefits through donations, given to sponsor their participants. According to Stanner, “A secondary benefit is the increased exposure of the organization through the event itself. I think most of our participants will agree that they each benefit through supporting the organization we love, doing something fun with friends and getting in shape at the same time.”

Some participants will be walking and some will be running- Come join us, we will provide training for everyone who wants to participate! This is a great chance to have a lot of fun, support a great cause, and get into shape.

Sign up now and join these and other CCT/CYT members: Paul & Sheryl Russell, Travis Russell, Cathie Stanner, Katie Wilson, Josh Pontsler, Vana Elwell, Julie Waldbauer, Emily Wanser, Jon Lorenz, Jessica Cortez and so many more!!!

For more information check out the website www.wix.com/artrun/endurance, or http://www.cytsandiego.org/programs_marathon.

You know you’ve been in CYT too long when…


A list of quotes from CYT-ers who have lived and breathed CYT. You know you’ve been in CYT too long when…

1. When moms come up to you saying, “Hold on hon- lemme rip your eye lashes off” isn’t weird. -Rebecca Elizabeth Law
2. When you can sing, dance and act every show you have ever been in….by your self. -Rebecca Elizabeth Law
3. When you have post show depression, no matter how many shows you’ve been in. -Amy Burns
4. When you can quote lines from past shows- and you didn’t even have any lines. -Suz Melton
5. When it’s not awkward watching guys putting on green tights. -Kathryn Freund
6. When your wardrobe is made up of CYT show shirts. -Jordan Wegele
7. Oh man…When the poster of your first show on your wall starts to peel away and crack. – John Cleary
8. When you enjoy the smell of hairspray. – Anonymous.
9. When you know the true meaning of ‘Average Joe’. -Brent Kennedy
10. When you’ve experienced the awkwardness of reaching out your HAND when it’s time to pray and the person next to you doesn’t take it so you just drop your hand down. – Eric William Geil
11. When you talk about going somewhere, at least 4 people shout out, ‘from CYT to BROADWAY!’ – Cassandra Maggard
12. When you’ve had a cold for 18 months straight. – Sarah Vakos
13. When you “walk” around the house, you’re really dancing. -Suz Melton
14. When you end up marrying someone from CYT. -Suz Melton
15. When you know all the parents by their first name and are good friends. – Jordan Wegele
16. When all the directors have gotten into the habit of making fun of you (not to mention your fellow cast members…) – Jenna Burns.
18. When you know every word to every song from every show. – Anonymous
19. When you’re used to seeing *straight* boys wear make-up. – Anonymous
20. I have to disagree. You can’t be in CYT for too long. It’s not possible. – Paul Downing

Post your own “You know you’ve been in CYT too long when…” at the Facebook group,  here.

Q & A with Alumni, Inverse Psychology


Inverse Psychology is a Kansas City-based film production company- aka Ben, Derrick, and Kendrick, all CYT Alumni. They specialize in filming, stage productions, music videos, live bands, weddings, and promos. Read our Q & A session with Derrick here:

Q: You are CYT Alumni. What cities were you guys involved with?

A: We were each involved with the Kansas City north area for several years. Kendrick and I graduated with honors; Ben was thrown out early for “always bringing pancakes to rehearsal.” It’s okay, he still
makes good videos.

Q: What was your decision to start Inverse Psychology? Was it more of a need or a casual project?

A: Hmm… well it was no formal project. We all had a propensity to make videos for fun when we were younger, which eventually gave way to more and more projects until we just kind of fell into doing them for pay. Now, we are very grateful for all our experience and always seek to crush banality
in our projects.

Q: I love the concept of ‘Dorkumentaries’ for the Improvathon. Did you come up with that concept or do you just film it? What is a dorkumentary that you have yet to see that you are dying to capture?

A: Spawning from the tendency of one of us to always carry a camera around, dorkumentaries became a tradition from the first time Ben and Kendrick attended Improvathon. In the most recent dorkumentaries, we have followed our team’s Improvathon experience from the very beginning, including auditions, rehearsals, and fund raisers, culminating in the final week of
both fun and competition.

Inverse Psychology Productions

You can now watch Inverse Psychology videos online at CYT-TV, http://www.cyt.org/tv.
Watch their Dorkumentary from Improvathon 2008, Part 1 of 5, below.

Fall in to Autumn with CYT Vancouver


CYT Vancouver was mentioned in The Vancouver Voice as of recent.

According to The Van Voice Staff,

“Christian Youth Theater (CYT) is playing both light and heavy this season. On the east side, at Washougal High School, they are preparing a production of Disney’s hit play High School Musical 2. Across town, at Fort Vancouver High School, CYT is staging a production of Les Miserables.

‘The fun thing about both of those shows, but really about Le Mis in particular,’ said Bethany Larson, coordinator for CYT’s Vancouver productions, ‘is that the talent is phenomenal. Nobody’s going to come to see a weak character on stage. The leads in Le Mis are top notch and I’m really excited about that because it’s a hard show.'”

Read more about CYT Vancouver in The Vancouver Voice here