CYT Upstate’s Art In The Dark & More…

After stumbling across CYT Upstate’s Art in the Dark Showcase video on Facebook, I thought you would appreciate its artistic appeal, and decided to post it here at the CYT Blog.

“The Art in the Dark class is always very popular. This particular one was for ages 12-18. A parent videotaped for us. Hope you like it!” said Gigi Randall, Area Coordinator for CYT Upstate.

For those who live in the Upstate South Carolina area, please take note of their coat and hat drive taking place at their performances of “The Emporer’s New Threads” at The Merritt Theatre at Anderson University, Feb. 3, 5, 6, 7 or 12, 13 and 14. Read the article at Independent Mail.

Quote of the Week: Gifts Come Shining Through

For the next year our Quotes of the Week will consist of “Thank You” cards and letters from the CCT/CYT community. The catch? We are visiting our ghosts from CCT/CYT past. The memories will continue until July 13th, which marks the beginning of the CYT Leadership Conference, National Leadership Council, Improv National Competition, HYPE, and 30th Birthday Celebration here in San Diego.

CYT Denver’s Grant Hague Blossoms

Recently the Colorado Community News Press wrote an article about the CYT program in Denver. Annette Hague spoke in detail about her son, Grant Hague,

“This past year has been the best year in school ever. He is happier and has this other outlet, and it doesn’t matter what the kids at school think about him anymore because he has friends at CYT that care about him.”

According to Grant, he LOVES CYT. He will be participating in Narnia this winter and appreciates everyone’s distinct roles in the production.

“Everyone in CYT inspires me. I look up to the HYPE kids because I want to be as good as them, but I know there are younger kids too, who are looking up to me, so I know I have to do well and do what I am supposed to, to make sure everything in the show goes smoothly. What I love about my friends at CYT is that they support me in other things. In other theater programs or other things in life, kids get jealous and want you to fail. No matter how your day is going you can always come to CYT and feel like you can be yourself with your friends and then on stage I can be in another world,” said Grant.

Annette emphasized her sons love for acting out movies as well- at age 2 Grant had a knack for acting out parts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Willy Wonka, The Phantom of the Opera, and Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Read the News Press article here.

CYT Images: Hail In San Diego

The last time San Diego got severe winter weather, it was circa 1981, when CYT was being birthed. As soon as the hail came down this afternoon, the office took a five minute break to make snowballs and marvel at the white pavement.

Overheard in the office:

“No wonder it snowed. It’s sooooo COLD!” -Paul Russell.

Check out Sign on San Diego’s Gallery of Winter Storms 2010.

San Diego Auto Show: Final Performance!

After a fall, there’s no where to go but up. Confused? Watch the video, and you’ll see the memorable performance.

Here is the final clip from the San Diego Auto Show, released by Witt Lincoln Mercury. The CYT San Diego students involved were Laura Hopkins, Paul Gilcrist, Danielle Slomka, Sarah De La Isla, Brittany Wolfe, and Courtney Wolfe.

According to Witt Lincoln Mercury,

“It seemed like just a typical day at the 2010 San Diego Auto Show. Audiences gathered around a 2010 Lincoln MKT, awaiting to hear if they had won a football signed by San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson.”

Definitely not typical, and very much a surprise, once the students started singing!

A CYT North Idaho Update On Their ‘Sleeping Debut-y!’

Hey everyone!! It’s Taylor again. Karen, a CYT North Idaho kid, gave me an update on how their Sleeping Beauty is going…

“Friday, January 8th, Christ the King Church was packed with lots of talent, energy, and nervous smiles as the kids waited for their one minute to shine. As they were waiting, I got the opportunity to ask a few of them some questions. When asked how she was feeling about her audition, Cassie Soumas replied, “I’m excited, I think this will be my best audition yet!” Later, I peeked into the audition room and sat in on some terrific exploits of abilities. Some of the crowd favorites included “Tommorow”, “On My Own”, “The Climb”, and my personal favorite, “Quasimoto” from When Pigs Fly.

After a set of spectacular performances, I asked Rowan Murdock how she thought she did. She laughed and replied, “I did better than last time and I’m pretty positive.”

Although I got to see friends and awesome auditions, my favorite part of the whole audition extravaganza was the support the kids offered to their peers. A perfect example was when a little girl was in tears because she was so nervous, an older boy, Mark Maret, stopped what he was doing and helped her calm down. He sat by her while the pair waited to audition and watched with a smiling face as she rocked the directors and was ultimately cast as young Sleeping Beauty.  Experiencing that moment reminded me that CYT kids are the cream of the crop!

Two days later, and in record time, the cast list for Sleeping Beauty was posted. You would not believe the buzz emanating from house to house as friends called and texted one another offering congratulations and sharing the excitement of a new show.  The next Friday, I had the opportunity to talk to some of the cast.

I asked Presley Dupuis, a jester, what he was looking forward to in Sleeping Beauty, he said, “A good time with good people. Hi mom!” I can see why they cast him as a joker 🙂

I also sat in on Miss Teri and the fairies as they learned the song, “Everyday’s a Different Day”. Again my compliments to Taylor on the music, I absolutely love it. The kids also worked on the highly dramatic “Let it all Burn” and “Rose’.

One of the best things was the amount of kids who are experiencing their first big role in a show, so Sleeping Beauty truly is a Debut-y! One of those kids was Josh Lynch, who will be portraying the oldest Prince Phillip. I asked him how he reacted when he found out,

“Well, I was kind of nervous about the whole kissing thing,” he said, “but I think I’ll be able to tough it out.”

Our Princess’s response to that? “Join the club :)”