HYPE Goes To The Street

Want to help promote CYT? Join the HYPE Street Team! Here is your first mission:

The goal of HYPE is to challenge and grow the advanced students of CYT to be leaders and get involved by serving the community around them. To look at all aspects of theater, not just from the actor’s point of view. And to continue to grow as an individual, committing themselves to excellence in all they do.

The Little Mr. Conservative: Jonathan Krohn

Jonathan Krohn is making waves in the political arena. He speaks at Tea Party Protests, is friends with Newt Gingrich, recently wrote a book titled, “Define Conservatism”, and appears yet again on CNN and Fox News as a television pundit, and this year, at another at CPAC. For all you non-political people out there, CPAC stands for the Conservative Political Action Conference, and was held in Washington D.C. this year. Make sure to check out his videos to hear him banter about politic, the Oscars, and being “a cool kid in school”. Huge, but very concrete dreams for a fourteen-year-old boy whose early career included performing on stage with CYT Atlanta.

In the last couple of months Jonathan has been interviewed by Mediabistro.com and Atlanta Magazine. This week Pointofview.net reprinted an article on Jonathan that was featured in The New York Times, “The Little Mr. Conservative”. The full article ran in the Fashion & Style section, and was published on March 6th. The following are some excerpts.

On his talk show hosting:

“SITTING in the back seat of his mother’s van as she drives through Atlanta suburbs, Jonathan Krohn is about to sign off with a conservative radio talk show host in Florida. In the 40 minutes he’s been on the air, with the help of his mother’s cellphone, this hyper-articulate Georgia eighth grader has attacked the stimulus bill, identified leaders he thinks will salvage the Republican Party’s image, and assessed the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate….The show’s host chuckles and asks whether President Obama has called Jonathan ‘a little fascist.’…’The president hasn’t come after me yet,’ Jonathan says chummily, ‘but we’ve had other people come after me!'”

On “Define Conservatism”:

“The family said Jonathan paid to have the book published with his own savings, earned from writing and performing on a syndicated radio Bible show for children….His father made a spreadsheet of their contacts for publicity, and then Jonathan went to work, glad-handing. He already had developed poise, as he put it, ‘during the 20 or 30 productions I was in during my acting career” — he’d performed in Christian Youth Theater plays and regional shows.'”

More Jonathan Krohn on the web:
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CYT Chicago Creates Watery World For ‘Little Mermaid’

Holly Zissman from the The Daily Herald staff recently wrote an article about CYT Chicago’s “The Little Mermaid”. The article featured interviews from several of the cast members, as well as Director Martine Hunter, and Taylor Kras, the choreographer:

“Since it’s underwater, a big challenge has been making it look like the kids are swimming and living underwater,” said Taylor Kras, choreographer. “We had to create a brand new world, so I guess that’s been our fun challenge this time.”

Martine Hunter, the Director, discussed slight changes in the script from the Disney movie,

“There are some differences from the movie, so (it helps) if the audience goes in kind of open-minded,” Hunter said. “There are different twists and different tastes from the movie but it’s the same original story of Ariel….The big thing I hope is that people can feel for the prince and his relationship with Ariel….[so] Eric knows she’s the girl with the beautiful voice.”

Read the article in its entirety, here.

CYT Fredericksburg’s Music Man: Director’s Cut & CYT Dreams

CYT Fredericksburg’s “The Music Man” was mentioned a short time ago in their local paper. It delves into the lives of Christine Martino- a sixteen-year-old girl who saved money in an envelope named “CYT Dreams”, to be in her first CYT Fredericksburg production- as well as her sister Hannah and mother Teresa, and Artistic Director Marilyn Scott.

According to Fredericksburg.com,

“Marilyn Scott, the director for ‘The Music Man’ and CYT’s Artistic Director, has cast 110 CYT students in this production, making it the largest cast yet, ranging in age from 8 to 18….’With this show, I was more inclined to include,’ Scott said. ‘It was possible to do it, and it’s worked out very well.’ She adds that CYT has had to adjust its rehearsal and program dates because of the recent snow the Fredericksburg area has experienced.”

“‘We’re not star makers,’ she said. ‘Everyone gets the same opportunity.'”

Read the entire article, here.

‘Seven Brides’ Cast Gets A Sahuarita Boost

The Green Valley News recently wrote an article about CYT Tucson’s Winter Show, “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”. According to the paper,

“The teen actresses share in common a love of theatre, singing, and dancing, and each is thrilled to be a part the cast…Praising CYT and commenting on the show’s choreography, Emily Cain says, ‘I have been taking classes at CYT since its inception in Tucson in 2005… The choreography for “Seven Brides and Seven Brothers” is intense! At the same time, however, it is incredibly exciting and invigorating.’

Amanda Schwarz also commented on her love of dance, “This is a huge, huge dance show, and I love the opportunity to merge my nine years of gymnastics as well as three years of dance… This is the most collaborative and professional program I have ever worked with. The talent of the cast and directors matches their boundless support.”

Read the entire Green Valley News article, ‘Seven Brides’ cast gets a Sahuarita boost, here.

CYT Chicago’s Spunky Cinderella

CYT Chicago’s Cinderella is more confident than any depicted before, according to the Pioneer Press.

“The title character is spunkier than you probably remember her in…She is different from all the other Cinderella’s that have been portrayed,” said 17-year-old Kelsey Palmquist of Crystal Lake, who plays her. “She is more confident and she stands up to people more. But she is still very kind and gentle.”

The article mentions Kelsey’s dedication to CYT. “I love it because all of the directors, teachers and friends are so loving and caring,” she said. “I love doing theater there because I love singing, dancing and acting — and they have it all. You learn alongside your friends, which is so much fun.”

Read the complete Pioneer Press article here.

Tickets are $9-$12 in advance, $2 more at the door.
For details, call (847) 516-2298 or see www.cytchicago.org.

CYT On American Idol!

Hello CYT Family,

I have very exciting news to inform all of you. I am currently developing a commercial with Walmart Stores and if I am hand-picked it will screen on the air during American Idol! I need your help to make this vision come to life! We get one single minute to impress the judges so we thought we had to DREAM BIG and do something AMAZING, so we have decided to make our one minute spot a musical!

Who doesn’t love a good musical, right?

This letter is going out to you because we believe that you are the key component to making this a reality. If you live in San Diego and you are interested in participating please follow the instructions below. We can’t do this without you.

Here’s what you have to do:

1) Arrive by 1:00pm on Saturday the 27th of Feb at 11318 Longshore Ct. San Diego CA 92130. This is a residential area and drop off and parking instructions will be their when you arrive. Due to parking restrictions we ask the kids be dropped off and picked up at 5:00pm. We know some of you may have rehearsal until 1:00pm, please arrive as quickly as possible after rehearsal. Rehearsal comes first.

2) Please bring clothes that you would “play” in. No logo’s. Must be modest. Nothing to flashy but try to be bright and colorful. CYT and Invisible Children clothing are cleared logos you can wear.

3) You must be on the list! Sign up by e-mailing cytwalmart@live.com who will be attending. Friends are welcome to participate, bring as many as you would like! They must follow the same rules listed above and below. The reason for this is because when you e-mail this address you will receive a photo/medical release form that must be filled out and turned in the day of shooting. If you do not have the form you cannot participate. One form per child.

4) Bring water and a snack as their will NOT be food supplied. It is a short shooting day (1pm to 5pm) however we understand you may get thirsty and hungry. We will have a snack break time, however it is up to you to bring your own water and snack.

5) If you have any “activity” you can bring with you (such as a scooter, ball, jump-rope ect.) it would be greatly appreciated.

We can’t wait to see all of you and get started shooting! It’s gonna be a blast!

Thank you all so much!

Christopher Ninness

David Gaetke