Kim Ferris Chats ‘HSM Jr.’ To Redding Record Searchlight Newspaper

Kim Ferris, Managing Director for CYT Redding, spoke to the Redding Record Searchlight newspaper this week about the audition process for their spring production of High School Musical, Jr. According to the paper, Ferris revealed that twenty-four youths were cast in the show, ages 8 to 16-many of whom are returning students.

“‘Just about everyone who auditioned for High School Musical, Jr. knew the lyrics to the songs,’ said Kimberly Ferris, ‘If any character [is] sick, we will have 23 understudies.'”

“[Ferris] chose the production in part because she wanted a show the kids would get excited about. It also exemplifies some of the principles that CYT of Redding espouses, in particular that it is OK for kids to be themselves. ‘It’s OK to be a little different,’ Ferris said. ‘It’s OK to be a little odd.’”

Read the full article from the Redding Record Searchlight, here.

CYT Spokane Dances With The Celebrities

This past Saturday CYT Spokane held its 3rd Annual Dancing with the Celebrities fundraiser. Eleven local celebrities were paired with professional dance instructors to perform three-minute dances The evening event was semi-formal.

According to the Spokesman-Review newspaper, local celebrities who performed included:

“Tania Dall of KXLY; Stephanie Vigil of KHQ; Dave Erickson of KXLY; Dave Sposito of KZZU; Jennifer DeRuwe of the Spokane Police Department; Sherry Maughan of Sacred Heart Medical Center; Sheila Geraghty of the Salvation Army; Kristine Lyons of the Junior League; Isaac Anderson of the Spokane Fire Department; Shaun O’L Higgins of The Spokesman Review; and George Rohlinger, the 2009 champion.”

Check out the video to see Dave Sposito’s performance!

CYT SD’s Catie Bride Poem To Be Published in the Young American Poetry Digest

Catie Bride is a student from CYT San Diego and a blossoming writer- her poem will soon be published in the Young American Poetry Digest.

“Catie wrote a poem about how she felt when she got the part of Ginger in Sleeping Beauty. She wrote it at some point during the show and submitted it to the National Schools Project. It’s going to be published in the Young American Poetry Digest. She’s very excited about it,” said her mom, Christine Bride.

“Catie enjoyed her time with [Paul Russell] directing Sleeping Beauty. It truly was a meaningful, memorable, and educational experience…via CYT.”

Catie’s poem:

Great Harvest Bread Company Raves About CYT Lafayette

Last month we posted a blog titled, CYT Lafayette Wins “Baker For The Day” Contest – held at the Great Harvest Bread Company. The store will open for this special event TODAY, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m, with 100 percent of the sales going to CYT Lafayette. Read what Great Harvest had to say to The Daily Advertiser a couple days ago:

“‘No one is more excited to see this year’s event than the talented young people and their families who are participating in CYT,’ said Great Harvest owner Michelle MacFadyen. ‘We are pleased to work with a great organization.

‘This event is not only about supporting the causes that are important to our friends and neighbors, but also about allowing our community to participate in making a difference for a greater cause.'”

Read the complete article, here.

CYT Houston’s Cinderella Cast Interviewed On The ‘What’s Up Radio Program’ With Terry Lowry

Check out radio interviews from Cinderella cast members on “The What’s Up Radio Program” with Terry Lowry. The program airs on KKHT 100.7 FM, and is a local Houston radio station.

Cinderella cast interviews- April 15, 2010:

Interview– Abigail Schwaig as Cinderella.
Interview– John Arensdorf as Prince Charming.
Interview– Ian McEwin as The King.
Interview– Nellie Yost as The Queen.
Interview– Elizabeth Lechmann as the evil Step-sister, Portia.
Interview– Lael Lawless as the Wicked Stepmother.
Interview– Ethan McEwin as a Courtier.
Interview – Special Guest: Nadia Arensdorf. Assistant Production Director, and a mother of children involved with CYT.
Interview– Special guest: Beth Ann Lechmann. A mother of children involved with CYT.

Complete listing of CYT interviews at “The What’s Up Radio Program! with Terry Lowry” website. Click on “Christian Youth Theatre” under the drop-down “Organization”

CYT Houston’s Beauty & The Beast Cast Reveals Acting Methods

Christina Hayden, from CYT Houston’s newspaper Magnolia Potpourri, recently interviewed the cast from CYT Houston’s Beauty and the Beast. The article emphasized how each student has a different method for acting, and said, “These young students of theater are budding with talent.”
Read this snippet from the full write-up:

“In order to get into character some of the actors have done research to really get into the mindset of the person they play…

Elijah Hodges who plays Maurice, Belle’s father, said he really tried to study his character by watching the cartoon and different versions of the play.

Grady Hill, said before a performance he likes to listen to music to get himself pumped up and ease his tensions at the same time. As well as psyching himself up by repeating, ‘you can do this’. ‘You just try to become your character inside and out not just acting, you have to be your character,’ he said.”

Read the Magnolia Potpourri article here.