CYT Kansas City Student a KC Superstar Finalist

The KC SuperStar Finals are here and CYT Kansas City’s Jillian Jamison is in it to win it!

The competition leaves 12 high school students to compete for the $5,000 first prize. Jillian was a finalist last year and was selected again this year to perform. She said she wanted to compete again because of the excitement,

Last year helped but it was still nerve wracking this year, too. But it was worth it. It was a great experience and I met a lot of new people. If I win I’ll put the money toward college.”

According to the article, the finals will take place Aug. 28 at County Community College, and will be judged by entertainment professionals.

Read the complete article, here: Even rising stars can get the jitters in KC SuperStar competition.

Alum Update: CYT VanPort’s Cassi Kohl Works for Disney Cruise Line

A couple of days ago King 5 News posted a video highlighting CYT VanPort Alum, Cassi Kohl!

Cassie works for Disney Cruise Line and stars as Ensign Benson, in one of the Disney cruise’s main attractions, “The Golden Mickeys.” Her character is a bashful stage manager who hosts an awards ceremony after the Master of Ceremonies doesn’t show up.

Become a “Social Media Reporter” for the CYT EXPO!

CYT is looking for Social Media Reporters to cover the 2011 CYT EXPO- the Welcome Party, Improvathon, CYT’s Got Talent, Improva’Play, HYPE, and more…

What does it mean to be a “reporter” for CYT? It means your story will be HEARD, SHARED, and TALKED ABOUT! You have the opportunity to:

  • Record video (interviews and events) that will be posted to the CYT National YouTube Channel.
  • Write your story and submit it to the CYT Blog,
  • Take photographs (people and events), AND
  • Share your reports to the world by posting all of the above to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Get FREE CYT fashion t-shirts if you participate.
  • If you are a student who will be following the Moose Tracks with us in Coeur D’ Alene this July, and are interested in reporting for CYT, let us know. Please send an email with your name and phone number, and she will contact you with details.

    Want to create buzz before the EXPO? Think outside the box. Create a video “diary” of your group’s performance for the CYT Got Talent contest, take b&w photos of your Improv team “improvising,” or write a blog about HYPE and your craziest fundraising event. Not only will you be published/featured on our CYT Blog, but you’ll also get FREE Fashion t-shirts!!

    CYT Chicago Gives ‘Godspell’ a Modern Take

    CYT Chicago’s “Godspell” Show Director was interviewed by The Daily Herald last week!

    “Godspell” turned 40 years old this week. As a result, Show Director Kerry Cox decided to put a different spin on the production. She chose to present the show in a modern-day high school:

    “[Godspell] a show with a great creative landscape….[it’s] very simplified as far as tech and lights and sets. It’s kind of like a blank canvas for ideas. There’s not a defined set or costuming requirements or exact casting to fit a character mold. The story revolves around students who meet a really impactful leader in their time. We modernize the story to be what would it be like if Jesus came today in a high school setting? How would the students react; how would the staff react?”

    Cox said she was blessed to work with talented kids,

    “When we did auditions, some of the 8-year-olds were the ones that were blowing us away with their voices. And to top it off, they’re great kids. ‘Godspell’ is about kids that come together and walk together, and that’s exactly what’s happening in our cast.”

    Read the complete article, here: CYT offers modern take on ‘Godspell’.

    Testimonial Thursday: CYT Richmond Mom

    Today’s testimonial comes from a CYT Richmond mother, Kit Wilkinson.

    This week she blogged about CYT’s overall goodness, and their latest show, “Seussical the Musical.”
    Here’s Kit’s blog post, unedited:

    Today’s kids get a lot of flack about being lazy and clueless. Well, let me tell you about an amazing organization called CYT or Christian Youth Theater. It involves kids from ages 8-18 and they put on several productions and classes and camps throughout the year.

    My daughter has recently gotten involved and it has been a great experience for her. I love that she is exposed to all these smart, driven, and kind teenagers. She’s learning about being a part of something BIG and how everyone has to work together to succeed. She’s also gotten some great vocal training and dance work and stage experience which I know will stick with her.

    Even the try out was an experience. And here we are six weeks later and I have been totally blow away by the quality of this show and the kids that are participating in it. Anyway, it’s nice to see and be a part of…. CYT is a national organization. For more information you can go to If you are in the Richmond area, come out and see Seussical the Musical (showing now) and Tom Sawyer (June). Go to for tickets. The productions are top-notch from sets to costumes to singing to dancing …. you name it. You can’t be disappointed!