Nick McNamer works his derriere off as the CYT San Diego Production Manager. Joined at his hip is Floyd Meldrum. Together they create a rentals team that flows effervescently, day in and day out. McNamer likes to joke around as much as possible, but everyone knows he is one of the hardest workers around CYT San Diego.

“Out here in the shop right now, our basic day-to-day operations are fixing and building set pieces and getting ready for rentals that are going out and coming in,” said McNamara.

Currently the boys are getting ready for High School Musical 2, cameras and paint in hand.

“Today we took some High School Musical 2 photographs- we take photos of the sets so they know what is going up. Floyd painted a fake baby grand piano. It took him around twenty minutes to paint a couple of coats, and to touch it up.”

McNamara and Floyd basically make stuff happen, keep the shop clean, and make phone calls like real secretaries. On this sunny day in San Diego, McNamara had to call some vendors to get receipts, “to make the people dealing with finances happy, and to make their books look good.”

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