Belle, aka Sarah Roberts, at Disney Paris

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Good things come to those who wait.

Sarah Roberts, from CYT San Diego, spent two years perservering through auditions, all to land a position at Disney Hong Kong or Japan. She eventually decided to audition for an opening in Paris. Little did she know that after accepting the position in Paris, she would also be offered her initial choice, Hong Kong.

Decisions, decisions. So, Paris it was.

Her father, Doug Roberts visited her in the magical kingdom for his birthday this year, and said, “We watched as Sarah, aka Belle, greeted the children, and spent time with photo opps, and of course there was the big Main St. Parade. Birthday memories were made that I’ll never forget!”

3 thoughts on “Belle, aka Sarah Roberts, at Disney Paris

  1. Notice another CYT alum pictured with Sarah as Ariel: Emily Ring has also been at Disneyland Paris!

  2. Emily and I were roomates in Paris. Although I had heard her name many a time thorugh CYT, we never actually met until we were hired by Disney. The picture above was our first day being Princesses together. Our favorite thing was ‘Story time with Belle and Ariel… we would spontaneously sit down in the middle of a set and ask kids if they they wanted to hear a story… I would talk and Emily would animate for us. My favorite is that Emily would carry a fork (dinglehopper) with her so we could use it during storytime. I love you Emily!

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