3Cami Bradley is one day away from possibly winning $1 million dollars.

The CYT Alum is a contestant on America’s Got Talent, and is performing tonight among the top six. The winner will be announced in a results show, on Wed. night. In addition to the million-dollar prize, the winner will also headline a show in Las Vegas.

Bradley credits CYT for giving her confidence, as well as skills that helped her with stage presence.

“CYT taught me how to use my voice and movement to draw emotion from the audience,” said Bradley. “And mostly it helped me become comfortable on stage!”

Her involvement with CYT Spokane began the year it opened its doors, and she continued to perform in roles for the next 10 years. Bradley had roles as Becki in “Tom Sawyer,” Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz,” Amy in “Little Women,” and more.

“‘Sleeping Beauty’ was the first time I auditioned for live theater. I remember being so surprised because I got a lead role and I had no idea what I was doing,” said Bradley. “The director (Greg Papst) saw something in me and I was so grateful. Once I did that show I was hooked. I loved the people, the atmosphere, everything.”

Amy Carter Pitotti, the co-founder of CYT Spokane, referred to Bradley as, “truly gifted, [while giving] all the glory to God.”

As a musician (you can find her album Seas on iTunes) and a freelance photographer, Bradley finds inspiration through her surroundings.

“I am inspired by so many things: God, my family, music I listen to, life and situations that happen to me and around me. I draw ideas, passion and content from everything I’ve gone through,” said Bradley.

Her self-funded album, Seas, was released this May. Her husband, Eric Bradley, can be heard playing drums on the album. He also happens to be the one who “encouraged her to audition for ‘America’s Got Talent’,” according to her AGT bio.


It was seven years ago when Bradley was asked to participate in a talent show on TV (which ended up getting cancelled before it started). She politely declined, stating she’s, “never been a ‘fame’ seeker.”

It’s nearly impossible to miss her humble nature. And she doesn’t really plan on winning America’s Got Talent.

“It would be a HUGE shock to me if that happened. I think I’ll just focus on my last performance and give it my all,” said Bradley.

You can follow Cami Bradely on Instagram, at @camibradley, and Twitter, here.

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