What can we say? It was awesome! The blizzard and the wisdom gained were equally overwhelming & beautiful. Thank you to CYT, Inc. staff for organizing such an informative and unifying event. And thanks to CYT NYC for hosting!


You, too, can rock one of these CYT beanies! Grab one at the online CYT Store.


Some awesome welcome gifts from CYT NYC!

We prayed for, praised, & encouraged one another. We revisited the CYT Model and why it works (Hint: it was designed by CYT Leadership FOR CYT Leadership to provide the best opportunity to achieve our mission.)

We reflected on our 2016 verse:

“Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭3:20-21‬ ‭ESV‬‬

We shared challenges and triumphs. And all left feeling inspired and called to action to continue making CYT our favorite place to be.

If you are CYT Leadership and need the materials shared at NLC, please email Heather at:


Getting excited to head to the Big Apple for the CYT National Leadership Conference (NLC)? Here are some more NLC 2016 deets from big wig CYT Inc Director or Operations, Dr. Heather LaForge

1. Who will be there?

55 leaders from across the country! The NLC is such a great conference. Although, I love EXPO for all its excitement and the energy of the students, there’s something really special about the NLC. It’s the one time a year that we get to really focus on leadership. I’m looking forward to a weekend of good conversations; brainstorming with fellow leaders; and of course, fun.


Super serious NLC Meeting at EXPO in summer 2015.


2. What are the highlights of this year’s NLC?

This year we’re really trying to keep our talks discussion based, which allows folks the chance to share ideas and learn from one another. We also will be meeting with an MTI staffer, who will be providing insight into how royalties work. But perhaps the most exciting thing is that we will be LiveStreaming our talk about EXPO 2016! Anyone can hope online and listen in to learn more about what’s going to happen this year at EXPO. We have a Facebook event here, if you want to learn more!

CYT Inc.'s Director of Technology, Travis Russell, will be back at NLC this year for awesome discussion & inspiration

CYT Inc.’s Director of Technology, Travis Russell, will be back at NLC this year for awesome discussion & inspiration

3. What Broadway show are you seeing?

I’m seeing Finding Neverland with the group, but I’m also planning to see Matilda, and maybe The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I want to see a ton of other shows, but I don’t think the planner of the event should skip out on the conference. Nor, do I want to!

4. What should affiliate leadership expect from this year’s NLC?

They should expect a gathering of amazing people where ideas are shared, discussion flows, and training occurs. Our hope is that leaders leave the conference feeling encouraged and armed with new ideas for the year ahead.


CYT 2015 in Lafayette, LA

5. NYC is such an amazing location for the NLC! Anything NYC specific planned for the NLC?

There are loads of CYT Alumni who live in the city and we wanted to make sure they had an opportunity to participate in the NLC. So, Thursday night, we are hosting an alumni gathering for any and all CYT alumni who happen to be in the area. We want to see everyone! More information on that event can be found here!

Can’t wait for the NLC in NYC! Start spreading the news…

Our Emerald CYT Story: EXPO 2015 Recap

Have you ever been someplace that feels both totally new and totally familiar at the same time? That’s what it was like at CYT EXPO 2015.There is NO PLACE like home!





Storm Troopers

3rd Place (tie): Storm Troopers, CYT SD.

3rd Place (tie): Flying Punkeys, CYT Kansas City

3rd Place (tie): Flying Punkeys, CYT Kansas City

2nd Place: Emerald Citizens Brigade

2nd Place: Emerald Citizens Brigade, CYT SD

And our Improvathon 2015 winners: Carry On my Wayward Pun, from CYT Kansas City!


Improvathon 2015 Winners: Carry on My Wayward Pun, CYT Kansas City


EXPO Social Poster


Our super hot Social Media Liaisons. Tweet tweet. 

social liaisons

Seriously. Let’s get social…SOCIAL!


Expo_2015_photobooth Expo_2015_photobooth2 Expo_2015_photobooth3 Expo_2015_photobooth4 Expo_2015_photobooth5 Expo_2015_photobooth6 Expo_2015_photobooth7



Check out more photobooth pics on the CYT Facebook page.


Makin' 'friends in the sun...with a rubber shark, as you do when in SD.

Makin’ ‘friends in the sun…with a rubber shark, as you do when in SD.





Bonfire & fireworks.


Dr. LaForge & CYTyler. It's real.

Dr. LaForge & CYTyler. It’s real.

Morning worship.

Morning worship.


Our 2015 Decathletes include:

Chrissy Nefe, CYT Denver; Annmarie Songer, CYT Denver; Max Songer, CYT Denver; Alex Warren, CYT Denver; Coleton Emr, CYT Houston; Ryan Ramsower, CYT Houston; Katie Broussard, CYT Lafayette; Bret Chalpin, CYT Lafayette; William Sciambra, CYT Lafayette; Dean Yarborough, CYT Lafayette; Logan Watkins, CYT Lafayette; Kallie Kilchrist, CYT Lafayette; Brady Kidder, CYT Lafayette; Anna Katherine Epperson, CYT Santa Cruz


My CYT Story Winners 2015 with Paul & Sheryl Russell

My CYT Story Winners 2015 with Paul & Sheryl Russell

The 2015 My CYT Story winners include:

Callista Gleich, CYT Fredericksburg, Alexandra Gandy, CYT Indy (National winner), Katie Gilchrist, CYT Nashville, Nina Noelle Russell, CYT Sacramento, Breckin Murphy, CYT San Antonio, KJ Hutcheson, CYT Tri-Valley

We will be featuring these Oz-some stories on future blog posts.


FoodTrucks FoodTrucks2


1_WelcomeBeachParty 6_HYPE Brainstorming 7_HYPE Fredericksburg 9_HYPE Expo 2015


All business & inspiration with this crew of leadership.

NLC_EXPO_2015_group pic


#awkwardleadership #jazzhands



J.Russ. After Dark Dance Partay. There was choreo. Oh, was there ever choreo…

10min talent show

10-minute Talent Show




The Russells et al. 2015

The Russells et al. 2015


You guys. It's EXPO.

You guys. It’s EXPO. Dr. Heather LaForge hearts CYT.

Creative Director Renee Kauffman has a thought. Wanna hear it? Hear it comes. Awesome.

Creative Director Renee Kauffman has a thought. Wanna hear it? Hear it comes. Awesome.

ok but first...

I love you guys, but, first, coffee…

Renee, Taylor, & Janie.

Renee, Taylor, & Janie.

Owen & Lydia

Hype Queen Lydia & Owen.

mama redd

CYT San Diego mamas & papas hosting like champs.


There is no place like home. There is no place like home. There is no place like home.

Stay awkward San Diego. See you again next year!


Did you attend EXPO 2015? Tell us what you think by taking our survey.

Do you wanna go to EXPO next year? Of course you do!

Here are the deets so far:

EXPO 2016: Believe in You! 

When: June 26-29, 2016
Where: San Diego Hilton Resort and Spa
Book Your Rooms TODAY



EXPO 2015: Beep Beep, Food Truck’s Here!

You coming to EXPO? Big time!

You gonna be hungry? Obviously!

Have we got you covered? You know it!

FOOD TRUCKS, baby! Food trucks are coming to EXPO on Monday night, Tuesday night, and…wait for it…Wednesday night!


Because there is no food in walking distance (other than at the hotel) we have brought the food to you! Each night there will be 3 food trucks in the park for you to choose between. Please be sure to arrive at the park between 5:30-6:30pm in order to purchase your meal voucher for the truck where you want to eat at that night. Meal vouchers are $12 each. Check out these yummy options:

FOOD TRUCK # 1 – That’s What Cheese Said

that's_what_cheese_said Choose one of the following entrees. Comes with a side or fruit, and a drink

– Philly Cheese Steak (deli roll)
– Pastrami Cheese Sandwich (deli roll)
– “Hello Hot Sauce” Chicken Grilled Cheese (sourdough bread or wheat)
– “Soup Said” Reduced Onion Grilled Cheese (sourdough or wheat)
– Nonnie Bacon Burger
– Gorgonzola Cheese Burger
– Mac N’ Cheese with Extensions

FOOD TRUCK # 2 - Rolling Taco Truck

Choose one of the following entrees. Comes with a side or fruit, and a drink

– 4 Beef Rolled Tacos (topped with Fresh Cabbage, Mexican Farmers Cream, Guajillo Salsa & Cotija Cheese)
– Kogi-Fornia Burrito (Angus Beef Korean BBQ Marinated for 2 days in a Kogi Sauce, Cabbage with a Mirin Dressing, Fried Noodles, Avocado & Srirasha Aioli)
– The Beaner Burrito (vegetarian) Refried Beans with Vegetable Oil, Soy Chorizo, Sliced Pickled Jalapeños & Cotixa Cheese.

FOOD TRUCK # 3 – Stuffed

stuffed Choose one of the following. Comes with chips and a drink.

– Cheeseburger
– Bacon Cheeseburger
– Hamburger (no cheese)
– Mac N’ Cheese
– Sliders (no cheese)
– Sliders (with cheese)

Get ready to get your grub on!

EXPO 2015 Guest Artists: James Eckhouse & Keliher Walsh

CYT-35th-EXPO-LOGOIt’s getting hot in here and it’s not just because of the weather in SoCal! The EXPO 2015 itinerary is boiling over with awesome events for its participants. One particularly hot ticket that you won’t want to miss is the Master Class being taught by Broadway and Hollywood actor, James Eckhouse (best known to TV audiences playing Jim Walsh on the hit FOX series, Beverly Hills 90210), and Playwright/Director, Keliher Walsh (recent recipient of the prestigious Jerome Fellowship for playwriting).

Keliher Walsh

Keliher Walsh

I recently chatted with the thoroughly enjoyable Mr. Eckhouse about acting, teaching, and youth theatre. Enjoy some snippets of our convo below:

James, you have a great career as an actor, why did you choose to start teaching your craft rather than just practicing it?

As people often say about teaching, I always learn more than my students. It solidifies my own point of view. It is eminently gratifying. It’s always an enlightening experience to teach. I’m teaching in LA right now & it is really fun.  I get to combine my eclectic training. I started as a teen at Second City in Chicago, then after a short stint at MIT, I went to Julliard, which was very formal. I wanted to keep studying in LA, and I got turned on to Meisner technique. It put all the other stuff together.

When teaching, I get to use everything that I know. I get to solidify how I feel about approaching the work. The first thing I tell my student, “I’ve been doing this 40 years and I always am learning.” The best thing you can do for a student is let them know that there is no dogma. As soon as they hear a teacher say, “This is the definitive way that you do something,” run in the other direction! Just recently, I was working with about 20 actors at the top of their game, and was reminded again that everybody works differently. We all have our own way. The best actors incorporate it all. The most important thing you can do is to develop, cultivate, your mine your own point of view. Because that’s all you’ve got.

James Eckhouse

James Eckhouse

You are coming to CYT EXPO this year & not only addressing the actors themselves in a 2-hour master class, you are also speaking to teachers, specifically, about how to best teach their actors.  This is such an important opportunity for our leadership & we are so grateful that you are doing this! Tell me about your desire to help the teachers be more effective?

That was kind of an added idea! I think what I can bring to them is encouragement for them to realize that there are many, many ways to get into the head of the character. In particular, some of my favorites are: Games, Meisner, physical warm-up, imagination, having students use their own stories and encouraging that point of view. I’m planning on doing a Q&A. I’d like to have more of a discussion than a workshop.

I am the curriculum developer for CYT, Inc. A question I often get from our affiliates is “What should we teach our newer actors to help them establish a good theatre foundation?”  You’ve just shared with us your thoughts on “how” the teachers teach, now I’d like to hear your thoughts on “what” teachers should teach in order to help build that solid foundation.

I think one thing, it helped me enormously, is theatre games. Viola Spolin’s book is extremely helpful. Games that lead into basic acting techniques. Don’t be afraid to come up with your own games, either. I love to do stuff with text, maybe work with a poem. One of the best classes I had at Julliard was in poetry. The language is so complex. I have a real passion for Shakespeare & text. (At EXPO) I might do some monologue work. I always encourage people to tell their own story. When they do that, they DO use language fully. No one told them to “make it big.” They just do it! In their own story, the students will use language for purpose that is rich, colored, & varied. It’s great for writers as well.

So, you think writing is an important skill for actors to have?

Absolutely. You have to give them tools to help them with communicating ideas, activating their imaginations, and developing a discerning mind. Writing is essential. Today, you have to do everything. You can no longer just say, “Well, I only do this” and then wait by your phone for your agent to call. It’s not like that anymore. You have to be able to wear as many hats as possible. Because of the industry today, you can turn on your phone and create a web series. Then, in a minute, you are producing, acting, and writing in a series that you created.   You have to do it all.

CYT stands for Christian Youth Theater. Let talk specifically about youth theatre. How do you change your teaching or directing methods when working with youth rather than adult talent? Or do you?

The younger people are less fearful. They will enter into that childlike space more readily. Because, let’s be honest, that’s a lot of what acting is: playing dress-up and cowboys & Indians. Older actors will put limits on themselves; the youth are closer to their instincts. I encourage them to continue being in touch with their instincts. Acting can seem like a lazy craft. It takes an enormous amount of work. But, the work that an actor does is sort of mysterious. There is a misconception that you just learn the lines and go onstage. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There is an enormous amount of work that goes into it between the time the actor gets the text and then performs it.

Absolutely! I’m so excited for you to meet our fearless CYT kids. You will love them.

I’m looking forward to it!

So are we! Thanks for the time, James!

Hear more tips, insights, & encouragement from both James & Keliher at EXPO!

New Events for CYT Leaders at EXPO 2015!

Thanks to Heather LaForge, CYT Inc.’s Director of Operations, for this post.

There’s been a lot of attention regarding the incredible experiences our students are going to have at EXPO this year. In addition to the amazing opportunities for all students, our Improv teams, and HYPE groups are planning some awesome things for their respective groups, too!

Yeah, that’s cool, but what about our awesome leadership? Certainly, there is more in store for the leaders at EXPO than just chaperoning duties, right?

Oh, you know it!

FEAR NOT wonderful leaders, the kids aren’t the only ones in line for fun.

NLC 2014

CYT Leadership at NLC. That was real, but it’s gonna be even more real at EXPO 2015. Can you believe this is our job?!

We have wonderful things planned for our leaders at EXPO this year, including some NEW OPPORTUNITIES like…


In years past, the Leadership session began on the 2nd day of EXPO. This year, we are starting when the kids do, and we have a WHOLE DAY of exciting new activities planned just for leadership on Monday June 22nd!

So what are we doing on Monday June 22nd?

1. Worship in the morning with our kids!

Every morning (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) at 8am in the Ballroom, leaders and students will gather together in the ballroom to worship together (led by worship leader, Sam Perry)! Don’t miss out on this time: in addition to worship, we will be doing announcements, encouragement, and fun!

2. Hang with Hollywood/Broadway Actor James Eckhouse, while Enhancing your Teaching Technique

After morning worship, head on over to Marbella room, from 10am-12pm, to learn new techniques from a professional actor and teacher as to how to help your kids move to the next level in their acting abilities! James Eckhouse has agreed to offer this class free to all EXPO Registered leadership! Non-registered leaders can take this class for just $50. (Non-registered teachers/directors should contact Heather LaForge at to RSVP today.) Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

 3. Meet, Greet, & Exhibit the Magic of other CYT Affiliates

When you’re done schmoozing it up with James Eckhouse & recharged with a little lunch, cruise on over to Portofino room from 1pm-3pm for The Affiliate Exhibition. This event is designed to give you all the opportunity to share your ideas and learn from one another! Bring something you are proud of to show off to the affiliates! Examples include a costume, prop, show book, program, Standing O pamphlet, or more! Contact Heather LaForge TODAY to share what you are bringing so she can ensure you have the space to showcase your stuff. Don’t have something to share? No problem! Come hang out with other leadership and make new friends before opening night of EXPO!

4. Indulge in a Luxurious Software Q&A with Travis Russell

Have a snack or an afternoon tea with your new bestie from another affiliate, then boogie on back to Marbella room from 4-6pm for a Q&A with T.Russ–aka the software maverick of CYT. Stop by and learn more about the upcoming software that Travis has been working diligently on, in an effort to design a truly remarkable & useful system for CYT. I’ve seen a sneak preview and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

5. Get Inspired at the Opening Night Session

Can it get better than an afternoon of software designed just for your CYT needs? It can. And it will Monday night from 7-9pm in the Ballroom. Come hear Paul Russell speak and celebrate 35 years of CYT with us!

CYT Founders, Paul & Sheryl Russell enjoying the southern hospitality at the 2015 CYT NLC.

Who has two thumbs, a wife named Sheryl, and co-founded CYT 35 years ago? This guy! That’s Paul Russell. On the left. Sheryl is on the right. They’ll be at EXPO.

And that’s just Monday! We’ve got two more rocking days of EXPO and even more amazing things planned for our leaders: NLC, workshops, breakouts, and more! So as you plan your trip, be sure to look through our guidebook , which has the schedule, speakers, and answers all your burning questions about EXPO 2015.

Grab your sunglasses (seriously, it’s bright there), your flip flops (Rainbows, if you want to fit it in San Diego), and be ready for a week of training, equipping, and serving together as we celebrate 35 years of CYT!

An Improvathon says what?

Facebook-Groups-header-ImprovathonThe deadline for Improvathon 2015 team sign-ups is Friday, May 8. That’s TOMORROW people! And, I’ve got it on pretty good authority that if you don’t sign up tomorrow, the sun will not come out and you will be stuck in a day that’s gray and lonely. You should probably head on over to the Improvathon website right now. It’s ok…we will wait…

OK! Now, that you’re all amped up about Improvathon & are counting the days until CYT EXPO, let’s play a little blog-improv* with Improvathon 2015 Director, Bobby Marchessault, and one of the Improvathon 2015 judges, Chris Gott.

*NOTE: It is a stone cold fact that questions kill improv. Thus, no questions were asked during the course of this interview. Also, it’s long because we forgot to set the timer. No apologies, just commit! Off you go…

CYT: Neither of you are first timers at CYT Improvathon.

BM: Nope. I’ve had the privilege of experienced both sides of the table. Having been a coach a while back, and now having the opportunity to direct it 2 years in a row.

CG: Last year was my first year actually attending Improvathon, though I did see some of the finals in Santa Cruz a couple years ago. Our primary goal has been to make Improvathon a more enjoyable experience for everyone that attends, while also promoting our CYT values. Personally, I’m excited about pairing up teams and giving them the space to play together, learn from each other and build relationships across the country. While competition drives us to do better, building community can help us to make each other better.

CYT: Yes, and the 2015 EXPO theme is a spin on The Wizard of Oz. That has inspired some really rad team names.

BM: Word. Not sure if I’m supposed to have favorites already, but based solely on names, Kansas is awesome. (And those are words I never thought I’d say…no offense Kansas.) Fitting I guess. But now I have high expectations for their puns, if I’m able to listen at all while slaying Guitar Hero in my head to the sounds of Kansas.

CG: Yes, the Kansas team name “Kansas: Carry on My Wayward Puns” is epic. Any team name you can sing earns bonus points. Every year teams show off their s-pun-tacular skills. This year, my favorite is the “L. Frank Bombs” from Sacramento, but my wife is partial to Kansas City’s “The Flying Pun-keys.”

CYT: Yes, and I’m sort of obsessed with “The Rainbroz!”. They have a z and an exclamation point in their name. (New choice!) Registration for Improvathon can be done at a website.

BM: Yup. I believe the deadline is tomorrow (It is!). So get a team together quick! And make sure if you’re coming you really pay attention to the playbook rules. If you have any questions, use the email on the website!!

CG: I’ve heard from a few people who didn’t know that they can go to to get loads of information on all things Improvathon 2015. Beyond the basic date information is the rules for this year’s Improvathon (which are fine tuned from last year’s rule set), there is also detailed rules for each of the games in the Playbook. I think the best/worst thing about the Playbook are all of the videos. I DEFINITELY haven’t gotten lost in the Who’s Line/Improv-a-ganza YouTube universe. Nope. Not me.


Improvathon 2015 Director/Judge, Bobby M. He slays at Guitar Hero.

CYT: (Don’t deny in improv, Chris.) You both do other things for CYT, yet, you choose to also lend your genius to Improvathon. 

BM: Uh oh. No one told me I was expected to bring some genius with me. This could be a problem. Hopefully our other judges can bring on the genius.  In the past I have had the privilege of directing some CYT shows, vocal directing, and even a stint as managing director for a season. Nowadays I teach a class on occasion and recently had my first experience as a parent volunteer, but for the most part I need all the genius I can muster for Improvathon.

CG: Officially, I’m the Communications Assistant for CYT Inc., which is a delightfully squishy job that includes tech support for all of our affiliates, hosting a weekly Q&A Office Hours meeting Tuesdays at 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern time, being the first point of contact for people interested in starting new affiliates, and generally writing a lot of emails. Helping with Improvathon lets my creative side get a little bit of exercise, too :)

CYT: Yes, and neither of you are from CYT San Diego, yet, that is where EXPO is being held this year. It is quite sunny there and also the birthplace of CYT.

BM: Well, if we’re being technical (Of course we are.), I kinda am from CYT San Diego. But my last gig with them was in 1993. All of a sudden I feel old. I digress, whenever someone asks where I’m from, I say San Diego and since no one knows where that is, I let them know it’s sunny and the birthplace of CYT. It makes me an instant rock star when I drop Paul Russell’s name.

CG: My original affiliate is CYT Santa Cruz, where it is often sunny and beautiful as well. However, several years ago I moved to Northwest Ohio. There is almost nothing that Ohio has in common with San Diego. There is no ocean, no mountains, no ocean breeze, no CYT and no ocean. It will be great to get away from the humidity and experience the awesomesockness (that’s a real word – trust me, I’m a Communications professional) that will be on display at EXPO and Improvathon.

CYT: Yes, awesomesockness is a real thing. I accept that. (New choice!) You’ve got some veteran Improvathon teams and some newbies this year. Sometimes nervousness and confidence both show up at Improvathon. 

BM: If only they all realized that everyone else is both nervous and confident at the same time. Chances are whether you’re a veteran team or a newbie, you feel the nervousness no matter how confident you are. It’s kinda the nature of Improv, right? (No questions! It is the nature of improv)  Who knows what could happen to trip you up. When it comes to the experienced teams, I love watching how supportive everyone is of each other. I know when I brought a team for the first time ever, the more seasoned coaches were super supportive and encouraging. This year we are taking the opportunity to pair up experienced teams with a newer team so they can learn from each other and root each other on. I’m looking forward to seeing how that works to hopefully build some relationships and gives everyone another affiliate in their corner.

CG: One of the great things about Improvathon, I think, is the variety of experience that the teams bring. We are doing some things to try to break down the walls between teams as we move forward, but teams should bring their best – regardless of where that is in the development cycle. Beginning teams should know that the judges are there to help them develop their skills, not to tell them what they are “doing wrong.” Experienced teams should remember that good improv is fun (even when you aren’t doing comedy), and that they can ALWAYS develop their skills. All of the teams can benefit from each other’s experience and perspective. I’m hoping that teams work together and help each other develop, either by watching (and cheering for) each other’s showcases and performances, or in the breakout workshops.

Improvathon 2015 Judge & CYT, Inc. Communications Guy, Chris G. He believes strongly in the existence of awesomesockness.

Improvathon 2015 Judge & CYT, Inc. Communications Guy, Chris G. He believes strongly in the existence of awesomesockness.

CYT: Yes, and in many cases Improv games are weird & make no sense except as Improv games. 

CG: That’s true. I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen some guys walking the street doing some version of our improv games, but they just needed their medication. Remember, one person doing improv games while mumbling to themselves and arguing with their fictional teammates isn’t funny, but a group of people doing them on stage (or in the city) is hysterical.

BM: Whatchu talkin bout Willis? (No questions!) I thought everyone played improv games everywhere. Hmm. Maybe that explains the looks I get at social events when I pull a piece of paper out of my pocket and read a random line as part of our conversation.

CYT: Yes, that is why. (New choice!) Some say Jesus is/was great at improvising. Example: “Dang, I had that cup of blood here a second ago…no worries, Decipes (rhymes with wipes). Bam! I’ve turned this wine into my blood.” Example #2: “Only 2 fish & 5 loaves ya say? And…feast!”

CG: Jesus was an excellent storyteller and improviser. He was fully present in every moment and knew how to guide those around Him to become better. Nothing threw Him off His game. Crazy demon child? No problem, I’ll use those sheep. Short guy in a tree? Sounds like a great guy to have dinner with. Decipes freaked out, hiding in some upstairs room? Drop in their midst and casually ask for a bite.

BM: Hmmmm.  While your premise regarding his improv skills may be correct, we have some deep theological implications if we consider whether Jesus turned the wine to actual blood or if it was metaphor and how that effects our current doctrines of transubstantiation, consubstantiation, sacramental union, or ordinance. I’m sorry, am I missing the point? (No questions! But, yes, you just killed the scene when you denied another player’s information. You’ve lost 10 points, but carry on my wayward son…see what I did there?) In an effort to remain ecumenical, let’s return to your hypothesis that Jesus was great at improvising. Now we should look instead at the nature of Jesus. Was he omniscient or did he lay aside that part of his Godhood in the fullness of his humanity? Because one must ask, if he always knew what was going to happen next, could it really be considered improv or was it more like a scripted musical? Hmmm…a musical about Jesus. That’s an idea. I’ll bet Andrew Lloyd Webber could make that work. Am I off topic?

CYT: Jeeeeee-sus Christ! Suuuuuu-perstar! Do you think you’re what they say you are? …(pause mid-dance-break)…(exchange blank stares)…(pull themselves together)… Eh-hem, yeah, I think this got away from us a little bit… But there are no mistakes in Improv, only opportunities! Here we go! Wrap it up! Finish strong!

CG: Improvathon is going to be outstanding this year. It is shaping up to be our largest one ever, with over 20 teams from 12 affiliates in a whole range of skill levels. Bobby and I are working to continue to build a positive atmosphere for everyone, whether they are expecting to compete for the championship or to help develop their team’s skills.

BM: I like the final commandment of the ten commandments of improv: “When thy faith is low, thy spirit weak, thy good fortune strained, and thy team losing, be comforted and smile, because it just doesn`t matter.” In the end, Improvathon is an annual opportunity to come together to laugh a lot, learn from each other, and celebrate all that is improv and comedy. As you prepare to come, take it seriously in making every effort to be the best you can be, and don’t take it so seriously that you forget that it’s all about laughing and having a great time together.  I can’t wait to see everyone in San Diego next month. Holy moly. Next month y’all!!

Annnnnd….scene! Nice finish! You both advance to the finals of blog-improv! Thanks, guys!

Wanna play some more? Join the conversation around this year’s Improvathon & check out their Facebook group