What a CYT Director wants you to know about Auditions

The below post was written by Heather LaForge, CYT Inc’s multitasking Director of Operations and CYT San Diego show director. Enjoy! As each new CYT session approaches, students across the country scramble, frantically trying to choose that perfect audition song. Your mind brims with questions. Does it fit my vocal range? Does it align with the Continue Reading

CYT presents: Video Curriculum

Wanna learn a triple time step from the comfort of your living room? How about learn how a CYT director prepares for callbacks? Or a helpful game to hold the attention of students and keep them quiet? Enter CYT Video Curriculum. CYT thinks it’s important for everyone to have access to arts education, so they started Continue Reading

What is CYT? Travis Russell (and a video) explain.

You may have seen the new What is CYT? video circulating around the webiverse recently. It’s an awesome look into the CYT program as a whole and highlights kids from Affiliates around the country having a blast putting on various productions. It sort of makes me wish I was under 18 again. And while many Continue Reading

Best Practices for Promoting Your Show on Social Media

We live in a world centered around social media. That said, let’s fully embrace it and use it to our advantage, shall we? CYT affiliates can promote their shows on Facebook by making official event pages to create immediate buzz (read: attendance) through RSVP’s, comments, likes, and shares. The Spring semester is right around the corner so Continue Reading

Teacher Tips: Creative Movement Steps for Young, Difficult Children

Parents often enroll their children in CYT movement classes at the suggestion of doctors when their children have behavioral, sensory, or developmental disorders. Many CYT teachers might feel overwhelmed in this situation. However, all you need is patience, creativity, and sensitivity to create an inclusive classroom: 1. As with any children’s class, quick activity changes Continue Reading

Show Director Update: Tips for Memorizing Lines

So you’ve gotten a part in your CYT musical – congratulations!! Whether it’s your first or your 15th role, every actor eventually hits a time when the number of lines seems daunting to them. No matter what the size of your role, it’s important for the show, and for your fellow cast mates, that you Continue Reading