CYT Alum: Spring Hill, Tennessee Director Michael Oakley

The Tennessean Newspaper mentioned CYT Alum, Michael Oakley, in a recent article that focuses on Spring Hill, Tennessee’s emerging theater scene. Oakley is directing Tom Sawyer with Old School Theater. He moved to Spring Hill from San Diego a year ago.

“People would rather stay in Spring Hill and have cultural events here than drive up to Nashville, especially for children’s events,” [local playwright] Collins said. “There certainly is a growing energy here.”

The Tennessean on Oakley:

“It was that sense of community and family that made Oakley comfortable in his move from San Diego. He is the worship arts pastor at Grace Park Church and said he came out of his shell as a child through Christian Youth Theatre. He said he sees Spring Hill as an ideal place to start something like that here.”

“This is such a young community of young parents and kids and young married couples,” [Oakley] said. “It’s all about considering the audience.”

Read the full article and check out Old School Theater’s website, here.

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