CYT Chicago’s Honk! in the Daily Herald

CYT Chicago’s ‘Honk!’ (McHenry County) landed in the Daily Herald yesterday. The cast was interviewed as well as Director Sara Lance, who has been involved with CYT for 14 years.

Read what Sara told the newspaper, here:

‘The musical was written literally for every type of audience,’ she said. ‘The writers were just genius in how they wrote it….but at the same time the whole show is written on a children’s level,’ Lance said. ‘And the main character, Ugly, is awkward and goofy, but it speaks to everyone in how he finds within himself that strength of confidence…each of them have an emotional journey that they go through, especially Ugly.’

‘We kind of put a Vaudeville twist on it,’ Lance said, ‘so a lot of our choreography and music is from the 1920s.”’

Read the complete article, here.

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