Last week wrote an article focusing on the Griffins, a family performing in CYT Fredericksburg’s “A Christmas Carol.” The Griffin children are homeschooled and expand their social network through CYT.

According to the article, “The family first became involved with CYT when oldest sister Sarah auditioned for their production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ last year.”

“It even extends beyond our immediate family,” Pete Griffin [their father] said. “Their grandmother helps make costumes. It really is incredible. It’s something that in the busyness of life brings us together with a common interest….We do improv in the house sometimes. We make it really silly. In one of the songs where the ghost comes out and chases Scrooge, we do our own scene and chase each other around the house. It’s really fun.”

Managing Director Terry Cook said, “It’s a great way for people to kick off their Christmas season….It’s such a heartwarming story and shows that there really is goodness in everybody–and we need to show everyone grace and love.”

Read the complete article, here.

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