CYT Houston’s Beauty & The Beast Cast Reveals Acting Methods

Christina Hayden, from CYT Houston’s newspaper Magnolia Potpourri, recently interviewed the cast from CYT Houston’s Beauty and the Beast. The article emphasized how each student has a different method for acting, and said, “These young students of theater are budding with talent.”
Read this snippet from the full write-up:

“In order to get into character some of the actors have done research to really get into the mindset of the person they play…

Elijah Hodges who plays Maurice, Belle’s father, said he really tried to study his character by watching the cartoon and different versions of the play.

Grady Hill, said before a performance he likes to listen to music to get himself pumped up and ease his tensions at the same time. As well as psyching himself up by repeating, ‘you can do this’. ‘You just try to become your character inside and out not just acting, you have to be your character,’ he said.”

Read the Magnolia Potpourri article here.

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