Check out radio interviews from Cinderella cast members on “The What’s Up Radio Program” with Terry Lowry. The program airs on KKHT 100.7 FM, and is a local Houston radio station.

Cinderella cast interviews- April 15, 2010:

Interview– Abigail Schwaig as Cinderella.
Interview– John Arensdorf as Prince Charming.
Interview– Ian McEwin as The King.
Interview– Nellie Yost as The Queen.
Interview– Elizabeth Lechmann as the evil Step-sister, Portia.
Interview– Lael Lawless as the Wicked Stepmother.
Interview– Ethan McEwin as a Courtier.
Interview – Special Guest: Nadia Arensdorf. Assistant Production Director, and a mother of children involved with CYT.
Interview– Special guest: Beth Ann Lechmann. A mother of children involved with CYT.

Complete listing of CYT interviews at “The What’s Up Radio Program! with Terry Lowry” website. Click on “Christian Youth Theatre” under the drop-down “Organization”

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