CYT Houston’s Cinderella Cast Interviewed On The ‘What’s Up Radio Program’ With Terry Lowry

Check out radio interviews from Cinderella cast members on “The What’s Up Radio Program” with Terry Lowry. The program airs on KKHT 100.7 FM, and is a local Houston radio station.

Cinderella cast interviews- April 15, 2010:

Interview– Abigail Schwaig as Cinderella.
Interview– John Arensdorf as Prince Charming.
Interview– Ian McEwin as The King.
Interview– Nellie Yost as The Queen.
Interview– Elizabeth Lechmann as the evil Step-sister, Portia.
Interview– Lael Lawless as the Wicked Stepmother.
Interview– Ethan McEwin as a Courtier.
Interview – Special Guest: Nadia Arensdorf. Assistant Production Director, and a mother of children involved with CYT.
Interview– Special guest: Beth Ann Lechmann. A mother of children involved with CYT.

Complete listing of CYT interviews at “The What’s Up Radio Program! with Terry Lowry” website. Click on “Christian Youth Theatre” under the drop-down “Organization”

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