CYT VanPort: “You’re Worth It”

As the Costume Laundering Parent Committee was working to clean up and restock after our recent production of “Disney’s My Son Pinocchio,” one of the parents discovered writing on the inside of a bonnet.

The bonnet was simple. It had been used for years in our VanPort costume inventory. There’s no way to trace it back to the show of origin or the seamstress that carefully made it. But, the writing was a curiosity to the cleaning parent so they looked closer. Written in neat printing on an inside seam were the words “You’re worth it!” along with a Scripture reference.

I was so moved to know the extent of care that our costume moms/dads invest in their task. They personally consider each child that will wear a garment, not just for that show but for future shows. They breathe life into each piece and pray over the students as they nimbly work into all hours of the night. They know that each student has value, that “no role is a small role,” that each actor to wear their hand-crafted garment will represent the powerful message and joy of CYT to all who are lucky enough to have a ticket to the show.

This message isn’t just ascribed to the wearer of this particular bonnet, but it’s also a reminder from the Lord to all…”You’re worth it!” You make an impact. Your presence is noted. You contribute to the whole. You are special in the path that you take. Only you can do what you do.

Thank you to that dear costume parent for not only the care they took in making that bonnet all those years ago, but also for imparting God’s Truth and proclaiming His worth to all that wear it and all who hear of it.

Contributed by Kristi Foster, CYT VanPort Artistic Director.

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