CYT VanPort’s Fundraiser Promotes Kingsbury’s “Like Dandelion Dust”

CYT VanPort is promoting the film, “Like Dandelion Dust” as a fundraiser for their program. The film is based on the novel by Karen Kingsbury and has won 26 awards at over 20 film festivals. CYT VanPort announced on their Facebook event page that Karen will be donating $100 to CYT for every full show!

Karen has always supported CYT. We have blogged in the past about Karen’s generosity- the money she raised from the online ‘Forever in Fiction package’ went directly to Christian Youth Theater!

The Columbian wrote an article about Karen last week, noting that her latest film “Like Dandelion Dust” is being “hailed as the next ‘Blind Side’.”

According to the article Karen invited family and community members to a private screening of the movie in her home- and Bethany Larson was lucky enough to attend.

“‘I really enjoyed it, and I cried at the end,’ said Bethany, marketing and area director for Christian Youth Theater Vancouver/Portland, which Kingsbury and husband Don Russell’s children have been active in over the years. ‘I met my birth mom when I was 25. I was adopted, and my husband was adopted, so it was poignant for us to watch.’”

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