EXPO 2017: Bullying Survey

EXPO 2017 is coming up soon! Each year at EXPO we meet with our Affiliates from across the nation to train our students and staff and to discuss rellevent topics. After feedback from many of you, this year we will be having a conversation with leaders and students about the topic of bullying within CYT. It’s a tough one to tackle, but not one we should shy away from either. We promise to handle this topic with care. We want to help empower students and leaders to be a part of the solution, and together, help ensure that CYT is a “no bully zone”.

In an effort to start the conversation, we have created an anonymous form (COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS) for anyone to share their insights on bullying in CYT. Again, these are meant to open the conversation, in a safe place, and hopefully shed some light on what our students are dealing with. We will only share information that is appropriate, and the form requires that the person submitting agrees to their answers being used at EXPO.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email renee@cyt.org. Please help us out by by filling out this form and sharing it with students and adults in CYT. Thanks everyone!

Click Here: Bullying Survey for EXPO

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