Furious Love Screening At CYT Chicago Warehouse

The screening of Furious Love, a new documentary by Christian filmmaker Darren Wilson, will be held at the CYT Chicago warehouse tomorrow night.

Lindsey Branson, Marketing Director for CYT Chicago, said, “[Furious Love is] a very powerful story of God’s love showing up in the darkest places. Those that have seen it feel very touched and moved. If you want to be encouraged and blessed- come out to see it!”

The Daily Herald, a newspaper in Chicago, ran article this week about the documentary’s filmmaker Darren Wilson. According to the article:

“‘[Wilson] and his crew visited 14 countries and often were shocked by the depths of evil they encountered. Wilson has described the making of ‘Furious Love’ as the hardest spiritual journey he’s ever gone through…. Pastors and others who previewed the movie, which takes viewers from a sex trade district in Thailand to a ‘demon tent’ in Tanzania to occult hot spots near and far, were already saying the film was life-changing.”

“Furious Love” will be shown at 7 p.m. Saturday, March 13, at the CYT Chicago warehouse, 755 Industrial Drive, Cary. The public is welcome to attend either showing, and tickets for both are $5 at the door. Wilson said the film may not be appropriate for children under 12.

Find a local screening of Furious Love at their website.
Read about the filmmaker, Darren Wilson, in the Daily Herald article, here.

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