KC Stage Reviews CYT Kansas City’s Seussical

CYT Kansas City’s production of Seussical was reviewed today, by KC Stage. Here is an excerpt:

“Even though ‘Seussical’ is a long show and it runs nearly 2 1/2 hours with a 15 minute intermission the time seemed to fly by. This cast is loaded with performance gems and strong singers:

Patrick Graham (Cat in the Hat) is about as good a young character actor as you are going to see. Although only 15 years-old he has really put himself into this role and isn’t afraid to use physical comedy to liven up the scene. Oh, that face and speaking voice!

Stephen Baldwin (Horton) has a lovely, calm presence on stage as the ever faithful elephant who is simultaneously caring for an egg until it hatches and protecting tiny Whoville (on top of clover) from perishing. He has a singing voice that is always on pitch and has warmth to it.

Cassandra Maggard (Mayzie) is finishing up her CYT career and this is a wonderful show to go out on. Her portrayal of the vain and conniving bird that talks Horton into staying with her egg for 51 weeks while she is off having a good time is great. This girl is the whole package: singing, dancing and acting … a triple threat.”

Read the complete review, here.

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