Two new CYT affiliates join the family!

CYT just got bigger! Two cities bigger, to be exact.

We would like to officially welcome CYT Tri-Valley and CYT Waco to the CYT family! Tri-Valley started their classes last week, and Waco will start this week. We’re so, so excited.

Please support our newest affiliates by keeping them in your prayers as they officially launch their programs. Additionally, you can “like” them on Facebook (easy access: CYT Tri-Valley and CYT Waco) to stay updated on how things are going for them. Or best of all, if you’re in their areas, enroll in their fall classes!

We can’t wait to see all that God has in store for them. Welcome to the family!

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Meet the #Beineke family

The following blog post was written by the CYT San Diego (North County Inland) Area Coordinator Katrina DeRoche. And if you’re in the mood to read truly beautiful insights on the pseudo-families that CYT creates, then today is your lucky day.


Meet the Beineke Family. That’s mom (Alice) & Dad (Mal)…eldest son Lucas is wearing the glasses and the twins are snuggled in there. This little family is one of the reasons I love CYT.

Their names are fictional, but their connection is not. They are the CYT kids playing the Beineke Family in North County Inland’s production of The Addams Family. Watching them bond over the last four weeks has been amazing.  And the beauty of it is that this is a pretty common occurrence. Our kids just love being together no matter their age differences. In fact, I think the range of ages is actually the draw.

In the case of the Beineke family, things started normal enough. Our teens and younger sect often co-mingle. The Beinekes started out doing the usual things like playing games together on their phones and creating their own hashtag on Instagram (#Beineke). Then, I noticed them sitting together while other kids were doing scene work… and eating their meals together… and posing for ‘family portraits’. The smallest Beineke runs into the arms of his 6’6 sophomore ‘Dad’ upon entering the room every rehearsal. The twins cuddle up with ‘Mom’. I’ve watched Lucas and Dad try and get the twins to say who is their favorite… and they care! It’s hilarious and amazing all at the same time.

Lots of folks would instantly think about how lucky the younger kids are to get that kind of attention from teens, but I think of how much our teens love the invitation to still play. I think about how good it must feel for them to have someone hang on their every word. They feel valued.

You see, school can be rough. High school is full of social stress and posturing. Here at CYT, we create a space where students ages 8-18 can interact and build real relationships. They can be themselves… wacky and loving at the same time. We create a supportive environment where the teens can lead prayer one day and then be led in prayer by a nine-year-old the next. What’s better than that? To me, nothing. #CYTfamily

You can see the Beineke family in action in The Addams Family, which runs Oct 25 – Nov 2 (Tickets & info HERE).

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Honoring the life of CYT Kansas City student Houston St. John

Kansas City

We’d like to ask you to join the CYT family in prayer today as we remember Houston St. John. He was killed in a car accident last year during tech week for CYT Kansas City‘s production of Tarzan. Houston would have turned 18 years old today and we would like to lift his family and friends up in prayer as we honor his life well lived.

The leadership at CYT Kansas City is also requesting that you wear your HOUSTON shirt or anything red today in his honor.

CYT co-founders Paul & Sheryl Russell are dressed in red today. Join them!

CYT co-founders Paul & Sheryl Russell are dressed in red today. Join them!

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Theatre Kid Problems

A couple months back, we took a look at some words of wisdom from the world of musical theatre. Now let’s scroll through some problems you face being a kid in the world of musical theatre. But let’s be honest…these are pretty good problems to have.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Photo credit: the wonderful world of Pinterest)

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HYPE students are taking action this fall!

There are a million reasons to love HYPE. They’re CYT teens from around the country who are dedicated to pursuing excellence by taking on leadership roles and getting involved in the community around them. And now, their HYPE passion is about to explode all over the country this fall! Which give us all the more reason to love them to bits.

HYPE students from CYT Spokane

HYPE students from CYT Spokane

Following the 2014 CYT EXPO, the HYPE students have been proactive by following up with the ideas that they discussed in July. Students have been creating collaborative groups on Facebook for their different jobs, and have been sharing ideas with one another about what they are doing in their HYPE groups. They have been sharing pictures of their retreats and fall kick-offs, and have shown an overall enthusiasm for leading and growing in their specific areas.

CYT Santa Cruz

CYT Santa Cruz

A huge shout-out to Sean Grossnickle’s awesome idea of casts writing letters to one another – either to a cast in another area who’s doing the same show or a cast performing the same weekend. Although he encouraged HYPE groups to spearhead the letter writing, it’s open for any and every CYT area that wants to participate. 

CYT Houston

CYT Houston

It’s so cool that the students are being innovative and sparking movements among the CYT groups. This is exactly the vision that was set for them at the Expo, and it’s so encouraging to see it take form!

Find out more about HYPE and how you can get involved HERE

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Cyclists are raving about CYT Fredericksburg

On September 6th, CYT Fredericksburg participated in their local YMCA Lakes and Grapes Century Ride. This was a 50, 75, or 100 mile bike ride for over 300 people! Along the way there were about six rest areas that gave the bikers water, snacks, and some encouragement, and CYT was the 2nd rest stop on the map (30 miles into the bike ride).  

CYT Fredericksburg went all out and the cyclists loved it! They had sets from Little Mermaid, a water mister hanging from the trees, water, Gatorade, peanut butter sandwiches, oranges, grapes, goldfish, chocolate, and of course the amazing CYT kids cheering them all on with some great music playing in the background.

Not only did the kids have a great experience, but they were voted the NUMBER ONE rest stop of the day!! It was a long day for the teens, arriving at 7am and working in the heat until almost 1pm, but they did a great job!






We’re always so excited to hear about the awesome ways CYT Fredericksburg gives back to their community (like thisthis, and this). A big shout out to everyone involved!

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An update from CYT Japan

We’ve previously discussed how Eric Stapleton has a vision to bring CYT to Japan. He just completed his third short-term mission trip to Tokyo to serve the missionaries of TEAM and their families, and produced two CYT camps that blended music, drama, bible studies, VBS crafts, and showcases.


Eric sums it up best: “Our task was to bring a little fun and, hopefully, spiritual refreshment to the youth who have no such thing as CYT in Japan except for when we come there in the summer.”

Check out his CYT Japan blog for the full lowdown of his latest trip, including photos, videos, and some pretty incredible moments.

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