Looking for a Job?

Have you ever dreamed of working for CYT? Or perhaps you don’t know much about CYT, but you’re looking for an environment where talent is celebrated, family is valued, and work is done with excellence, integrity and FUN! Look no further. Here are some opportunities around the country that might be just what you’re looking for.


CYT Inc. seeks part time Administrative Assistant. Responsible for assisting in the day-to-day operations of CYT Inc., including, but not limited to, invoicing, fulfilling orders, travel plans, and event assistance. Located in El Cajon, CA. Click HERE for more details on the job and how to apply.


CYT Denver currently seeking class instructors in all disciplines of Theatrical Arts. For more information click HERE.


Spring Intern – CYT NYC seeks a “jack-of-all-trades” full-time intern who is willing to dive in and be a vibrant team member supporting CYT’s spring session and production of Willy Wonka, which will perform in an Off-Broadway theater in June.  Get a hands on look at how an urban-based, start up CYT affiliate is run and gain valuable experience for the future. Commitment length is negotiable:  mid-April to mid-May through end of June. There will be a modest stipend offered, but no housing available (sorry!). If interested and available, please send a resume and cover letter to corrie@cytnyc.org.

Theater Artists (ongoing) - CYT NYC seeks experienced, enthusiastic and committed Theater Arts teachers for future sessions in all disciplines and specialities including technical theater.  CYT NYC runs classes in both NYC and NJ with a Brooklyn-based area opening later this year.  Feel free to recommend qualified friends or family! If interested and living in NYC Metro Area, please send picture, resume and cover letter to johnna@cytnyc.org.


Still haven’t seen a job listed near you? CYT has 25 affiliate locations around the country and each city is always looking for new team members throughout the year. Go to CYT.org and fins the city nearest you. Click on their “contact” page and shoot them an email! It couldn’t hurt! And if you aren’t already convinced, check out our previous blog post titled “8 Reasons to Work for CYT”.

8 Reasons to Work for CYT – by Sarah Preston, CYT Santa Cruz


About the Author: Sarah Preston started with CYT Santa Cruz in the spring of 2012. Since then, she has Stage Managed multiple productions, coached Improv, taught class and CYT@School, coordinated summer camps, assisted in fundraising, and serves as HYPE Advisor.

After 10 years of working with kids, I can honestly say I have never been more challenged and inspired than during my time with CYT Santa Cruz. It has changed the way I think about kids, artistry, families, and ministry.

Here are my 8 Reasons to Work for CYT

1. CYT makes you laugh

Once at auditions, an 18 year old (improv kid of course) sang “If You’re Happy and You Know It” as his audition song. His final verse?

If you’re happy and you know it give a wink
If you’re happy and you know it give a wink
If you’re happy and want a creepy way to show it
If you’re happy and you know it give a wink

I always cherish moments like this because the kids remind me not to take things so seriously. So often I can get wrapped up in the craziness of shows, classes, CYT@School, HYPE etc that I forget about the real reason I work for CYT: to serve God by serving kids. When a kid tells a funny joke or makes a funny face, it awakens the Child-loving Holy Spirit inside my heart.

2. The kids give you perspective.

As HYPE Advisor, I try to encourage critical thinking during our meetings. Continue reading

CYT Alum, Daniel Kendrick, at the 2015 Golden Globes


At CYT, nobody celebrates the success & talents of our kids like their own parents. They pack the audience, wrangle backstage, chauffeur to rehearsals, & applaud like crazy when it’s all said & done. Turns out, just because our kids grow up & graduate from CYT, that doesn’t mean their parents stop applauding…or that we stop celebrating!

Recently, one such CYT parent, Kathy Kendrick, mentioned that her son, Daniel, was working in LA & Brazil and recently attended the 2015 Golden Globes! Say what?! We instantly reached out to Daniel to see if he’d be willing to let us feature him in an upcoming CYT blog post & he joyfully replied, “Thank you for reaching out! I would LOVE to be featured.” Turns out, not only is Daniel an exuberant & talented CYT alum, he’s also quite a funny guy! Enjoy out our Q&A with Daniel Stellan Kendrick (psst, he captioned the photos, too):

What was your involvement with CYT? 

I was in CYT from my first Our Gang Class in 1995 until my last show, (CYT San Diego) Central’s OLIVER! in 2008. I went to camp twice, competed in Improvathon once, and ate many a Denny’s meal with CYT. It was my main scene growing up, and I met many lifelong friends during my years at CYT. In the end, I think I was in 15 shows.

Daniel Kendrick & Becca Downing as Mr. & Mrs. Sowerberry in CYT San Diego, Central's Oliver! (Winter, 2008)

Daniel Kendrick & Becca Downing as Mr. & Mrs. Sowerberry in CYT San Diego, Central’s Oliver! (Winter, 2008)

Which CYT affiliate/area did you perform or work with?

SOCO (CYT San Diego, South County) was my home base. I did most of my shows there, starting with THE HOBBIT in 2003. I also dabbled in (CYT San Diego) East County and (CYT San Diego) Central, and made some awesome friends in those areas too!

the poster for South County's CALIFORNIA GOLD ( Spring, 2005). Also featured ( clockwise from top left) are  Mallory Johnson, Tiffanie Tellez, Tyler Payton, and Michael Covington

The promo poster for CYT San Diego, South County’s California Gold (Spring, 2005). Also featured (clockwise from top left) are Mallory Johnson, Tiffanie Tellez, Tyler Payton, and Michael Covington

Please, tell us about what you’re doing in LA?

I’m a literary manager at Chatrone LLC, a production company for Film & TV. A literary manager is very similar to a talent agent, but we get to wear jeans. I represent writers, directors, and artists in the animation industry. Some of my clients have worked on Spongebob, Robot Chicken, and Futurama. It’s tons of fun!!

(Click here to check out Daniel’s webinar, which he hosted, titled, “Writing for Animation; What ACME Doesn’t Tell You…”.)

Your proud mama tells us that you were involved with the Golden Globe nominated animated feature film, The Book of Life. What was your involvement?

Chatrone LLC produced The Book of Life, along with Guilermo Del Toro and Reel FX. When I first came to Chatrone, I was an executive assistant to the producers on the film. It’s a really incredible experience to see a film go through the phases of production all the way into theaters!

We also hear that you actually got to attend the Golden Globes! That must have been awesome! What was it like?

It was AMAZING! My amazing boss, Carina, took me as her guest since The Book of Life was nominated. To sit there in the audience among other executives from all over town, rooting for a film I was involved with, was a lifelong goal realized. It was surreal and awe inspiring; not to mention a total blast and a good reason to put on a tuxedo!!

Any good stories from the Globes you’d like to share with us?

The hor’s deurves were delicious, the women beautiful, and the celebrities clumsy.  Particularly, the persimmon salad was delish. I recommend it.

What about the after-parties?

Okay, okay… this time, I got one for ya! So I was at the Warner Bros after party — just standing there — talking to my bosses and some D-list celebrity or something. And I feel a hand grasp my left elbow. I turn to face the culpit. And — woe-is-me— I find myself gazing into the blazing blue eyes of a nightmare dressed like a daydream. Taylor Swift. Making eye contact with me. ME! And Lorde is standing right behind her. We gaze deeply into each other’s eyes; our souls intertwine for a brief second. She parts her sweet, scarlet lips, and she says, “Excuse me, we’re trying to get to my friend.” She then shoves me out of the way and keeps talking to Lorde. It was a brief interlude in my career, but I like to think that in that singular moment, we lived a thousand lifetimes of love and passion.

Indeed, you did! Now, please tell us about Gaby Estrella, the show you are working on in Brazil. 

Gaby Estrella is a Brazilian Telenovela that my boss, Carina Schulze created. It’s a fun little musical show about a girl from Rio who moves to the country and rediscovers her heritage and musical roots. It’s a total hoot, and a huge hit in Brazil. Hasn’t really made it’s way stateside yet, but the soundtrack is on itunes! It’s been nominated for an Emmy too! We find out next week about that one!

And, how did you wind up working in Brazil?!

I ended up working in Brazil with Chatrone mostly through UCLA. When I was a senior at UCLA, I thought to myself, “Gee, I ought to get ready to graduate and find a job.” So I put on some pants, went outside, and found an internship listing at Chatrone. I worked there for about three months, and then ended up at ICM, a major talent agency in Century City. After 6 months at ICM, I graduated, began to search for a job, and landed an executive assistant position at Chatrone! It’s been a lot of fun since. I’ve learned Portuguese, traveled to Rio & Sao Paulo, and immersed myself in Brazilian culture!

Daniel as Will Scarlet in SOCO's Robin Hood (Spring, 2004). CYT makes it easy to meet groupies.

Daniel as Will Scarlet in SOCO’s Robin Hood (Spring, 2004). “CYT makes it easy to meet (devoted fans).”

Many of our CYT kids would like to work in LA. What advice to you have for them about bridging that gap?

For myself, I think that attending UCLA really helped smooth that transition. When you move to a new city, everything is scary. All of your friends are back home, it’s all unfamiliar, etc. But going to college in the city in which you would like to work, allows you to integrate into a social system that facilitates friends and a social network. So I would say go to college or school here.

Another tip is that internships are the gateway into the industry. Do an internship for 3 months in 3 different companies, kick butt for them, and impress them. You’d be surprised how much people like helping young up-and-comers out. Everyone works for free for a while to get their foot in the door, so be prepared for that.

Daniel as The Mad Hatter in central's ALICE IN WONDERLAND (Fall, 2007).

Daniel as The Mad Hatter in CYT San Diego Central’s Alice in Wonderland  (Fall, 2007).

Was there something in particular about your CYT experience that has helped you in your current career?

CYT was an invaluable training tool for me growing up. I attribute almost all of my creative pedigree to CYT. The amazing people in CYT taught me creative taste, confidence, and salesmanship. I would not be where I am or who I am without CYT.

 me at teen camp 2008 lookin' fly.

“Me at teen camp, 2008, lookin’ fly.”

In your opinion, what makes CYT unique?

What makes CYT unique is that it is they are the largest Children’s theater company in the world, and in my opinion, the best. When you have such a large pool of talent from all over the world coming together to create and perform amazing shows, the enhance each other and strengthen one another’s talents. CYT trains successful entertainers, and people know that.

My mother's collected assortment of statuettes from my illustrious CYT career.

“My mother’s collected assortment of statuettes from my illustrious CYT career.”

What is your favorite CYT memory?

OH MAN. I don’t think I could pick just one. Hm… alas! There were so many fun nights that I recall so fondly. Some of my favorite shows: The Hobbit, The Jungle Book (in South County), Oliver!, Once Upon a Mattress, and so many more! Some great experiences at camp too. I was also a fan of the skit game at camp.

Though most of my favorite memories ended up with me getting into trouble, so I probably should not go into those details. Haha.

Thanks, for the info & laughs Daniel! We think you’re golden.

Summer Camp in February!

It’s already February, and that means (believe it or not) that CYT summer camp planning is well on its way! CYT affiliates combined put on over 150 summer camps around the country each year. Each camp ends with a musical performance, showcasing material that students learned throughout the week. That’s a lot of singing, acting and dancing!

New CYT camp themes for 2015 include “Camp Awesome” (a totally, radical 80s inspired camp), “Camp All Aboard” (where campers travel via cruise ship to tropical locations around the globe), and “Aladdin” (CYT’s own adaptation of the classic tale). To find out more about the specific camps that CYT offers, email Renee@cyt.org.

In addition to using our own CYT in-house published materials, CYT also offer its students access to great shows that we’ve sourced from outside publishing companies. For example, last summer, CYT San Antonio performed Freckleface Strawberry based on the New York Times bestselling book by Julianne Moore, as part of one of their teen CYT Camps.

Photo by Carol Rosegg

Freckle face Strawberry the Musical – Photo by Carol Rosegg

Check out the fun news that CYT San Antonio’s Artistic Director, Sandi Mitchell, shared with us about that production of Freckleface Strawberry:

“The lyricist and songwriter for Freckleface Strawberry (the musical we did last summer as a teen camp) contacted us!  He even posted info (about our production) and our video on his Facebook page. What a tremendous honor! When one of our teens, Lauren Tysdal, heard that he had posted our video on his Facebook page she immediately said, ‘By people watching it and finding out what CYT is, it could open the doors for them to learn about Jesus! All glory to God!'”

CYT San Antonio

CYT San Antonio

And you thought it was just another summer camp! At CYT we don’t do “just” anything.

Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for a CYT camp near you! Go to CYT.org and search for a camp in your town!

CYT Student Reflection: Nicole McCartney

Recently, CYT Founders, Sheryl & Paul Russell, shared the following letter they received from a grateful CYT Santa Cruz student named Nicole McCartney. Enjoy Nicole’s letter reprinted below.

Santa Cruz CYTer, Nicole McCartney enjoying the surf & the CYT spirit.

Santa Cruz CYTer, Nicole McCartney, enjoying the surf & the CYT spirit.

Dear Sheryl and Paul Russell,
My name is Nicole McCartney, and I am in eighth grade at Scotts Valley Middle School. I want to thank you and tell you how much CYT has greatly impacted my life.

I started CYT Santa Cruz about a year ago and was feeling a bit nervous. Within hours, I had already made so many friends that I still continue to laugh with today. The welcoming spirit at CYT has gotten me through so many rough times, and I appreciate how CYT has not just helped me grow in musical theatre, but taught me how to be a better leader and friend to others.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you understand how much CYT has changed many lives, including mine. I would love to hear back from you both to find out how CYT has inspired you the most. Once again, thank you so much for everything you have done at CYT and continue to inspire more lives every day.

Nicole McCartney

Thanks for your testimony, Nicole! Keep enjoying that awesome CYT spirit & inspiring others to do the same. 

Unity at CYT NLC 2015

Special thank you to CYT Founder, Paul Russell, for the following blog post, which reflects on the recent CYT National Leadership Conference in Lafayette, LA.

CYT Founders, Paul & Sheryl Russell enjoying the southern hospitality at the 2015 CYT NLC.

CYT Founders, Paul & Sheryl Russell enjoying the southern hospitality at the 2015 CYT NLC.

Last week, CYT Affiliates from around the country came together for the National Leadership Conference (NLC). CYT is blessed to have some of the most outstanding leaders making a difference in the lives of over 18,000 young people every year. CYT Lafayette hosted the 2015 CYT NLC, and provided all the gracious southern hospitality one would expect. According to Tonja Rainey, the Artistic Director at CYT Baton Rouge, “This was the best Leadership Conference that I’ve ever been too.”

The 2015 CYT theme focuses on Unity. The entire event encouraged our leaders to join together, unified as CYT leadership. Check out the daily synopses below to find out just how that was accomplished at this year’s NLC:

Friday 1/23/2015

Pastor and CYT Inc. Board Member, Tom Kirkendall, kicked off the event with a message for ourleaders to Equip, Empower, Encourage and Encounter. He also introduced the 2015 CYT Theme of Unity, inspired by Romans 15: 5-7: 
May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Next, Paul Russell gave the affiliates a new way to remember the CYT core values as well as to pray for all the CYTs across the country every time we see a penny.
CYT leadership of all generations! #NLC2015

CYT leadership of all generations! #NLC2015

Then, there was time for Affiliates to meet with other CYT leaders and share ideas, problems and highlights. The leaders enjoyed great times of prayer, laughter and heartache as we encouraged each other in our Mission.
Dinner was held at Chris’ Poboys and everyone got their fill of fried catfish, fried shrimp, fried okra, or fried chicken. It didn’t matter what you ordered, it came out fried! A great time of sharing and fellowship was had by all!
Saturday 1/24/2015
Saturday morning began with a workshop on suicide prevention from Dr. Theresa A. Wozencraft, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of Psychology at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. After that somber, yet important and educational, session we were ready for some fun.
Keith Washington from the CYT Inc. Board explained the finances and how Affiliates’ fees were allocated and spent. Yes, even CYT Inc. has to raise money to exist.
Renee Kaufman (Creative Director, CYT Inc.) got everyone pumped up on the new products featured in the CYT Online Store. Between Renee and Heather LaForge (Director of Operations, CYT Inc.), we now all know everything there is to know about copyrights, use of logos, trademarks and how each affiliate can make more money by supporting the CYT Store.
Becca Wilds from CYT Indy did an outstanding workshop on HR. That’s right – HR! Go figure. How can anyone make HR interesting? Becca has a gift! She had the entire hall laughing out loud and applauding with wonderful information on Human Resources. No kidding – she received a standing ovation! We all want to grow up someday and be Becca!
CYT Lafayette hosted a wonderful catered lunch with pork sandwiches and the best bread pudding on the planet. Honestly! With all the sweet tea, sweet bread, sweet beignets, and sweet people, it’s almost too much to take!
Travis Russell, Director of Communications at CYT Inc. at the NLC 2015.

Travis Russell, Director of Communications at CYT Inc. at the NLC 2015.

Travis Russell (Director of Communications, CYT Inc.) gave an update on the new CYT software that is coming out this summer and introduced a new marketing strategy to get lots of new email contacts. SMILE: it’s a photo booth!
Allison Mayberry from CYT Fredericksburg was full of fresh and new ideas on how to use social media and community involvement to create buzz about CYT. This lady knows how to get the CYT name out there and knows how to build partnerships with local business.
Allison rocks and she does it on a CYT budget!
One of the highlights was an acting workshop given by Tyler Hutchinson of CYT Indy. He had the entire room engaged with what it means to be an actor. He pulled people from the audience to illustrate his points. Our students are lucky to work with such fine Artistic Directors as Tyler. He’s got the heart, and enthusiasm and the attitude to change the world. (Note: Tyler will be leading many of the student events at the 2015 EXPO!)
Sheryl Russell (CFO, CYT Inc.) ended the days session with a challenge to, “LEAD with DILIGENCE, ATTITUDE, ENCOURAGEMENT, and LOVE.”  It’s apparent that God is doing mighty work throughout CYT via our awesome leadership all over the U.S.A.
Gerald and Patti Broussard and Dana Bekurs (of CYT Lafayette), made Saturday night especially memorable by renting out a Footloose-eque Dance Hall for the CYT leaders to enjoy.
All they wanted to do was dance. #NLC2015. Image courtesy of Katrina DeRoche.

All they wanted to do was dance. #NLC2015. Image & caption courtesy of Katrina DeRoche.

Everyone was treated to authentic Cajun food, (Boudin sausages, red beans and rice, and fried hush puppies) and live Zydeco music. Everyone danced the night away, even learning the Louisiana two step.
CYT leaders, Tanya Tafolla & Katrina DeRoche get musical at the 2015 NLC.

CYT leaders, Tanya Tafolla & Katrina DeRoche, from CYT San Diego, get musical at the 2015 NLC.

It’s always a hassle to get to the CYT National Leadership Conference, but once you get there it’s one of the highlights of the year. On that note, make sure you start saving up for 2015 EXPO in San Diego this summer! You won’t want to miss out on the fun & fellowship.
A huge thanks goes to Gerald and Patti Broussard, Dana Bekurs, and the entire staff of CYT Lafayette. It truly was a remarkable weekend and they are, indeed, the hostess with the most-est! Y’all are some’um special.

Thanks for the reflections, Paul!

2015 My CYT Story Competition!

It’s that time again! Has your life been impacted by CYT? Tell us how, and you might be the next “My CYT Story” competition winner! You’re officially invited to participate in the 3rd annual nationwide CYT Essay Competition, where one winner from each Affiliate will win a free registration to the 2015 National CYT EXPO in San Diego, CA from June 21-24th!

Competition Details:

  • In 500 words or less, tell us what CYT has done in your life
  • Submit your story to your local affiliate’s Artistic Director by April 1, 2015
  • Stories will be read anonymously by your affiliate’s Board of Directors and a local winner will be selected by May 1, 2015

For the sake of clarification/ultimate excitement: there will be one winner per participating affiliate (ask your local Artistic Director if you’re participating), and each individual champ will receive a free registration.

  • Each winner will be submitted to CYT Inc, from which a GRAND WINNER will be selected
  • On Opening Night of CYT’s EXPO, all winners will be recognized and a grand winner will be announced
  • The grand winner gets bragging rights, a feature on the National Blog, and a free CYT sweatshirt from the CYT store!

Happy writing!

2014 My CYT Story Winner - Aubrey Muffett (with Paul Russell, Heather La Forge and Sheryl Russell)

2014 My CYT Story Winner – Aubrey Muffett (with Paul Russell, Heather La Forge and Sheryl Russell)

Here’s a excerpt from last year’s winner, Aubrey Muffett from CYT Sacramento.

“No other community of brave, precious souls could have planted and grown me so securely in Him, all the while allowing me a chance and plenty of room for my once timid personality to unfurl. I have been more warmly accepted and firmly encouraged at CYT than any other group. CYT has helped me develop different characters on stage, but even more so my identity in Christ.”