Can you look back into your childhood and pick out one decision that shaped you for life? One single decision to do or not do something that came to define who you are? For my daughter, that decision is pretty easy . It happened the day she went to the organizational meeting of CYT Indianapolis.

I can still remember the room of parents and children anxiously awaiting information about this new theatre opportunity. As parents listened to the vision of CYT, the kids were whisked away to learn a song and dance routine. Less than an hour later, the kids returned and wow’d us all! As we drove home, I asked my then 10 year old if she would like to take a class or two when CYT Indy started up. It was a typical, “yeah, sure I guess” response.

That was two years ago, and my daughter is now committed to and invested in the future of CYT Indy. She will tell you that it is the most important thing to her right now and I have no doubt that 20 years from now, she will look to CYT and the moment she said “yeah, sure I guess,” as one of the most important things that ever shaped who she is. And I know, based on what I see and hear every week, she is not alone.

When I started to write this blog, I intended to ask the CYT family to provide one word that summed up CYT Indy to them. Little did I know that in preparation for Tom Sawyer, CYT Indy’s 6th production, our Public Relations team was planning a unique video which encapsulated that same feeling. Now, I could write a lot of words, like “Awesome, Committed, and Family” but you would have to imagine the feelings behind those words, and why do that when we can just show you the pure joy of it all!

Each production in the last two years has its own special memories. From the students and parents in Fall of 2009 finding our way through “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” to the Fall 2010 production of “Honk” which saw CYT Indy’s first sold out performance, the organization has grown in number and influence. And each time a new family joins, the group opens it arms wide and envelopes them. It is awe inspiring. Who knows what memories Tom Sawyer will bring. All I know for sure is that these memories are forever etched in the minds of a bunch of young people (and adults), who love theater, love each other, and truly love the Lord!

2 thoughts on “Parent Update: CYT Indy Building Lifelong Memories”

  1. Well said, my friend (who, by the way, would not be my friend if it weren’t for CYT). It’s been a blessing for the kids AND their grown-ups! 🙂

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