Last month the Naperville Sun wrote about Natalie Chaet, an 11-year-old girl with autism.

Natalie made her acting debut in CYT Chicago’s fall production of “The Sound of Music.” According to newspaper, Natalie’s show highlights included, “Singing ‘Do-Re-Mi’ and [the introduction of the ] von Trapp kids.”

Here are selections from the article:

“When Natalie was first diagnosed with autism, we didn’t know if she would regain any language skills or eye contact she had already developed but mysteriously lost,” said her mom, Cathy. “When you look at all the support she has, you know it’s been a long journey. It is all worth it when you see this child come so far and want so desperately to fit in with others. She has amazing determination.”

“It’s a lot of hard work and long hours for everyone,” said Natalie, about her first experience in theater. “You have to do things over and over again. It’s funny.”

“Natalie was cast on her own ability to stand up in front of the directors — I tell them they have one minute to shine,” Duvall [Production Coordinator] said. “Natalie auditioned and proved to the directors that she had the ability to sing, dance and be part of the production….She has done a fabulous job learning the choreography, blocking the scenes, learning the songs, and being part of the production….Natalie has been a huge success in the midst of the show.”

You can read the Naperville Times article in its entirety, here.

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