Act, Sing, Dance, & Live!

It’s 2015! Can you believe it? One of my fave CYT mantras is “Act, Sing, Dance, Live!” I’m gonna try to do more of all of those things in 2015 and not just in the theatre! Maybe I’ll even get myself a little mug with that slogan on there as a reminder…


Should this be your 2015 resolution, too? Grab a mug for yourself here.


What a thrill to begin a new year full of possibility and so many opportunities to Act, Sing, Dance, & Live. One of the new opportunities I’ve been presented with, is communicating with you all here on this blog. My name is Summer Moshy, and I will be just one of the voices you will be hearing from this year on the CYT Blog (I’m also the Curriculum Developer at CYT, Inc.). Another contributing voice will be Renee Kauffman (our Creative Director at Inc.), as well as a host of other magically exciting individuals (because, honestly, Renee & I can only be captivating like once a month, at most, and since this is a weekly blog, well, you can do the math). Krista, our previous blog editor, did an amazing job in this capacity and we hope to continue spreading the light & joy as she did while at the helm of our blog.

Act, Sing, Dance, & Live! Phew, that’s a lot to do all at once. (Quiet down all of you triple-threats out there…sheesh.)

Maybe I’ll start with just the Act part, first…

Act, literally means, “to do something” (in fact, the word “drama” comes from the Ancient Greek word, “dran” meaning, “to do”).  One of the best things we can do, is let others know that we see them and what they are doing, and that what they are doing matters to us. Lonliness and invisibility hurts so deeply. So, let’s work together to let each other know, “Hey! I see you over there! And I like it!” If you feel so called, check out these CYT affiliates Facebook pages (linked below) and let them know you see them by “liking” their pages, or better, yet, go see one of their shows & like them in person!

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We promise, we like you, too.

A Season Of Firsts For CYT Denver


CYT Denver is experiencing a season of firsts.

Here is what they experienced during the last four months:

  • Five summer camps SOLD OUT.
  • Enrollment increased. 100 NEW students signed up for fall classes.
  • When Frog & Toad tickets went on sale, one school day sold out and the second school day show was partially sold out.

“CYT Denver has NEVER in its history sold this many tickets to a show this fast. I don’t know what is causing all of this change besides the will of God,” said Executive Director, Michelle Holbrook. “What I can say is, in Denver, we place a focus on customer service and transparency and accessibility of staff and board.”

You can purchase tickets to Frog & Toad, here.

CYT Denver Voted #1 Theater Group on Denver A-List

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 1.53.26 PMCYT Denver has been voted #1 Theater Group on the Denver A-List for 2013.

“What a blessing it is to be #1 again, in the A-List for Best Theater Group in Denver, said Executive Director, Michelle Holbrook. “Our families, teachers and staff make it possible through their hard work, dedication and commitment to quality educational theater! We are all so excited!”

CYT Denver has held the number one ranking for 4 of the last 6 years. This year they ranked first out of 34 theatre groups.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 1.48.13 PM

Here are some nice things the community is saying about CYT Denver:

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 1.50.28 PM

CYT Denver Proudly Presents “Thoroughly Modern Millie”

What happens when a young country girl moves to New York City in the roaring 20’s? “Millie” learns what it means to be “thoroughly modern.” CYT Denver Proudly Presents: “Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr.”

A young 1920’s girl from Kansas moves to New York City in search of a new life. Filled with flashy flappers, dashing men, tapping stenographers and a deceptive lady with charm, young Millie finds herself becoming “thoroughly modern” through unexpected situations packed with friendship, romance, and intrigue.

The phenomenal cast of 71 youth actors will engage your heart and soul in this fun, charming, humorous show. Get your tickets today for “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, performed by CYT Denver at the new PACE Center in Parker on May 10, 11, and 12.

CYT Denver is an after-school theater arts program committed to developing character in children and adults through training in the arts and by producing wholesome family entertainment. CYT offers a broad curriculum of performing arts classes, summer camps, and professionally directed musical productions. In addition to a weekly two-hour class, CYT students can participate in full-scale productions, like “Thoroughly Modern Millie” or “The Music Man”, which opens in Littleton on April 26th.

To learn more about CYT classes, camps, or shows visit