Spotlight: CYT KC Student’s Emily Longhofer and Hannah Beck

Emily Longhofer and Hannah Beck, students from Mill Valley High School who are involved with CYT Kansas City, were featured in their school newspaper today- also published at

Both girls chat about the pros and cons of being involved with CYT, as well as the opportunities that have gone their way:

“I don’t have any spare time. It’s hard to manage school and CYT,” Longhofer said. “It definitely affects school, but it’s 100 percent worth it. It helps me grow as a person….you have to make a lot of sacrifices for this. It means I can’t be involved in school or have a job. This is my life.”

“We both take dance classes, so it’s more time we spend there, but we love it,” Beck said. “I saw a show when I was in fourth grade. I saw kids up there that were my age and I got really interested into it.”

“I’ve met so many people and had so much fun, I really want to be a dance teacher and hope I can choreograph shows for CYT one day,” Longhofer said. “Our faith really keeps us going, the people there are amazing and we know we have Jesus.”

“We’ve gotten the chance to go dance in NYC, go to San Diego and hopefully soon we will be able to meet CYT people from around the nation,” Beck said. “I love the impact we can have on other people,” Beck said. “I get to serve the Lord and do I what I love. It’s awesome.”

You can read the complete article, by Krisitina Milewski, here.

CYT Reflects on Charity: Water

As CYT signed up to participate in Blog Action Day 2010, we thought about how water is connected to the arts and to youth. Immediately, Charity: Water came to mind.

If you grew up in America, chances are you have had access to clean drinking water your whole life. If you can, try to forget about your comfortable couch and fridge full of bottled water for a second…

According to Charity: Water, a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations, “Almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s one in eight of us.” ONE IN EIGHT.

In Africa alone, economic loss resulting from an absence of clean water and sanitation equates to $28 billion, or circa 5% of GDP.

There’s an African proverb that states “It takes a village to raise a child”- likewise, it takes a well to nourish a village. Here is a likely scenario that could improve the lives of children to become more educated in both the sciences and the arts:

Please visit Charity: Water to find out more.
Infographic courtesy of Charity: Water.

HYPE Promo

As CYT HYPE Programs are accepting applications around the nation, this HYPE promo says it all.

HYPE stands for High School Youth Pursuing Excellence. These are the teens of CYT, tomorrow’s community leaders. HYPE is a program through which high school youth involved in CYT can develop their leadership capacity. These teens are hyped about CYT and the positive impact that it can have on their community.

Nominate “” For The 4th Annual Mashable Awards

The 4th Annual Mashable Awards are here! One of the categories available is “Must-Follow Non-Profit” and we are asking our CYT Family to nominate “” as we promote the CYT Brand.

The nomination period ends Sunday, November 29th, 2010. The top 5 from each category will be included in the voting period, starting on December 1st, 2010. You can place your nomination, by following these four easy steps:

1. Visit
2. Log in via Twitter or Facebook
3. Choose a Category (Must-Follow Non-Profit) and Nominee (
4. Submit Your Nomination. You can nominate once per day, so make sure to make it a habit of nominating “” every single day!

CYT Fashion’s T-Shirt Design Contest

Calling all designers!

CYT Fashion has a new contest for anyone involved in CYT. Students, parents, and staff can participate in CYT Fashion’s next line of t-shirts. If you have an AMAZING idea for a CYT t-shirt please send us your design! Voting begins on October 15, 2010 , and the top three designs will be run in the next fashion line.

Here are the details:

  • A portion of the proceeds (up to $1,000) from the top three designs will go toward your Affiliate’s scholarship fund.
  • Submission Deadline: October 14, 2010 – Submit by emailing
  • Download the t-shirt template (Photoshop), here.

We look forward to judging your t-shirt designs!! Start designing now before the deadline creeps up on you.

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CYT Denver is up to win Best Theater Group for the third year in a row by ABC Channel 7. If you want to keep their winning streak alive, please cast your vote today. Please see the details below.

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CYT’s Voted “Best Of” By Their Communities

Recently two CYT’s were voted BEST OF by their communities.

CYT Chicago won for “Best of” for Best Live Theater by the Northwest Newsgroup and CYT San Diego won “Best of” for Live Theater Group by the Union-Tribune. Congratulations to those who won!!

**If you want to keep CYT’s winning streak alive, make sure to cast a vote for CYT Denver- they are up to win Best Theater Group for the third year in a row by Channel 7.

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