The Future of CYT Richmond

logo-1-1024x895CYT Inc. (CYT), the national organization for Christian Youth Theater, received notice of termination from CYT Richmond leadership. We are disappointed and saddened, but we regretfully acknowledge their decision to leave the CYT family, and to begin a new operation on July 1, 2013.

CYT is as strong as ever with more than 15,000 families in over 21 cities and widely recognized as the largest youth theater organization in the country. We are excited about our future and we celebrate the opportunity to serve Christ and others though our mission of building character one stage at a time.

We welcome the opportunity to help families and staff interested in restarting CYT affiliate operations in Richmond. If you are interested in bringing CYT back to the Richmond community, please contact Heather LaForge and “like” the new CYT Richmond Facebook page.

CYT Richmond HYPE Students Raise Funds for New Hope Haiti Mission

One year ago, several of our HYPE students developed the idea of “A Cup of Hope International Coffee House.”

Their message was: Impacting the world is easier than you think.

The idea was for high school students to use the arts to help raise funds for an international mission. The idea was to look around the world for those in need and to get involved. We loved the idea, and last year we were able to raise over $1000 at our first ever Cup of Hope Coffee House for the fight again international sex trafficking.

This year in our search for a mission, and inspired by our fall show “Oliver,” we found 21 precious orphans living at New Hope Haiti Mission. New Hope Haiti Mission is a non-profit Christian ministry that is serving the country of Haiti through orphan care, church partnership, education, discipleship, and community development.

We wanted to be a part of giving these kids a hope and a future, so a week ago, HYPE hosted the second annual Cup of Hope International Cafe at North Run Baptist Church!

The place was packed and the crowd enjoyed homemade chocolate cake and cheesecake with their coffee, made by our HYPE students and parents. HYPE students also prepared a variety of entertainment including original songs, dance, signing and comedy. By the end of the evening we had an inspired crowd, and early projections showed that we had raised around $3000 for New Hope Haiti Mission!

A huge thank you to all who participated in Cup of Hope 2013!

Contributed by Brooke Abrahamsen/CYT Richmond

Meet Ally Dods- Star of CYT Richmond’s “The Little Mermaid”

Ally Dods recently gave an interview about her role as Ariel in CYT Richmond’s The Little Mermaid.

Ally is a 14 year old freshman at the Steward School. She’s been performing in CYT for 6 years and her first show was “Annie” in 2006 (she was cast as an orphan). She stated that Ariel is a “a dream role” and “it’s any girl’s dream to be able to dress up like a princess and take on that character!”

When asked to give wisdom to fellow CYTers, here’s what she said:

CYT is a great way to improve your skills. Even if you are only a little bit interested, come out and try it! You make SO many great friends, so it makes the experience all the better!

After she graduates, Ally plans on attending college. She intends to pursue musical theatre.

Read her interview here.

CYT Interviewed by Richmond Family Magazine

CYT Richmond appears in the September issue of Richmond Family Magazine!

Artistic Director, Brooke Abrahamsen, told the mag that she loves seeing the students develop their talents,

We believe that a competitive program allows the opportunity to teach a lot of life lessons: how to present your best self and make a good impression; how to handle disappointment; the meaning of commitment, discipline, and teamwork; and the power of creativity.

According to the article, “When the curtain goes up and the lights go on at a Christian Youth Theater production, audiences receive a quality Broadway-style treat” and that “Nearly 150,000 patrons have attended CYT shows over the years.”

Nancy Tynes, CYT Richmond’s Marketing and Development Manager, said:

“It begins with getting somewhat dressed up, leaving your iPod and electronics at home and doing something with your family….It promotes good values, wholesome behavior, and the shows are family-friendly so you don’t have to worry about covering your child’s ears. At the end of the day you walk away having learned a message about life that’s meaningful.”

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CYT Richmond HYPE Students Bring Summer Camp to Youth Life

This month, CYT Richmond HYPE students (High School Youth Pursuing Excellence) brought the first CYT Musical Theater Camp to 20 summer Youth Life students!

CYT students Rachel Boddy, Sarah Day, Abigail Price, Taylor Read and Josh Vranas traveled to the Youth Life center for two hours every afternoon for a week, teaching the K-5 students several songs and dances from the Broadway show, Seussical the Musical. The kids had a chance to audition for a part, wear costumes and makeup, and perform in a 20 minute showcase for friends and family onstage at North Run Baptist Church at the end of the week!

“It was joy to see these Youth Life students on the stage!” shared HYPE sponsor and CYT Artistic Director Brooke Abrahamsen. “I loved seeing these students blossom through musical theater training!”

HYPE has partnered with Youth Life for 4-5 years, bringing drama workshops each month, and plans to continue offering a summer program each year!

Contributed by CYT Richmond

View more photos from the summer camp, here.