CYT presents: Video Curriculum

Wanna learn a triple time step from the comfort of your living room? How about learn how a CYT director prepares for callbacks? Or a helpful game to hold the attention of students and keep them quiet?

Enter CYT Video Curriculum.

CYT thinks it’s important for everyone to have access to arts education, so they started a small library of dance, theater games, and director videos via a playlist on their YouTube channel.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 3.49.36 PM They want to develop more and more instructional videos so CYT students can work on their craft whenever they have free time. In the future, CYT plans to incorporate these videos with registration software so students can automatically have access to them when they register for a CYT class.

Making quality videos takes time and resources, and if you’d like to contribute toward making them possible, please donate at:

I’d write more but I’m going to go learn how to do the buffalo.

The plan for CYT Japan 2014

You guys. Did you know CYT is in Japan? Well, it’s sort of in Japan. Currently, Japan is not an official CYT affiliate, but if Eric Stapleton has his way, it will be soon.

Eric and his wife Brenda have a beautiful vision – they want to launch CYT in Japan “to help families draw closer to Jesus Christ and to know his saving Gospel.” Along with a small group of others, they have participated in short-term mission trips to Japan using CYT-style drama workshops and music drama day camps to communicate Jesus Christ to the Japanese and the missionaries who love them.

They are planning two upcoming short-term trips. Below is a blog post that Eric wrote talking about his upcoming adventures, and asks that you consider making a donation that will be used toward funding the trips and also to help establish capital for a long-term launch of CYT Japan! 


Just a month and a half to go and the five of us will be on that big bird to Tokyo, Japan! As you may know, the whole Stapleton family is going this year plus CYT Spokane alumnus Brittany Castillo.

This year we will be serving two missionary conferences. After landing in Tokyo we will travel to Karuizawa, Japan located in Nagano Japan (central mountainous region). There we will encourage the missionaries of Japan of the Karuizawa Union Conference by helping them with their youth conference.

In addition to that, we again plan on performing mime drama and musical performance on the streets of Karuizawa and sharing the gospel as only CYTers can do . . . who don’t know Japanese very well. The idea is we draw a crowd with our performance in mime and song (with Japanese lyrics) and the local long-term missionaries will have a chance to chat them up and share some gospel literature.

Finally, we will encourage the missionaries of the TEAM annual conference by working with their children putting on a Music and Drama camp. I (Eric) am passionately putting together the script together as I write this. We’re going to throw in some stage combat this year!

We’re so looking forward to working with these kids again this year. We had such blast doing selections from Godspell last year! And we are so excited that CYT Japan was invited back. The parents have been so pleased with what they’ve seen their kids accomplish in just the two summer camps we’ve put on so far (2012 and 2013).

Please continue to hold the long-term vision for CYT Japan launching in Japan in your prayers. We are still hoping and praying that this year we can secure a long-term partnership to see this happen. We’ve made quite a good impression with many missionary families in Japan but the ultimate goal is to reach more Japanese families and yes, one day start CYT in Japan just like we have in America.

We’re short on support dollars for this year’s trip! If you can help us out, please visit THIS LINK and enter Castillo or Stapleton while donating online. That would be a huge help!

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu (Your favor is appreciated)

Eric Stapleton
CYT Japan

The team (clockwise from left): Eric, Brenda, Kayla (13), Kim (17) and CYT Spokane alumnus Brittany Castillo

The team (clockwise from left): Eric, Brenda, Kayla (13), Kim (17) and CYT Spokane alumnus Brittany Castillo

Another way to donate can be done HERE. Please specify “for CYT Japan” or “Japan” in the comments of your donation to Mosaic Fellowship (Eric’s home church). Donations to Mosaic Fellowship are tax deductible.

Also, stay updated on what they’re up to by liking CYT Japan on Facebook.