CYT Indie Celebrates Its First Summer Camp

Last week CYT Indianapolis opened its doors to 250 kids for their first summer camp, Willy Wonka. The interviewed Artistic Director, Lori Rigdon:

“‘Willy Wonka was meant to be a fundraiser, For example, the costumes are a combination of donations from Creekside Middle School in Carmel, creations by the cast, purchases from Goodwill and various pieces and parts that CYT had left over from other shows. The rented set will include a Chocolate Mountain, a Pink Candy Boat and a Nut-O-Meter, as well as many other pieces that will wow the audience,’ Rigdon said. ‘Many of the props have been donated or handmade by members of the cast.’

Rigdon [also] said CYT directors from around the nation ‘are surprised at how many students we had for our first season and our first year of camps.'”

Willy Wonka runs weekly, through July 23. Read the complete article, here.

Another CYT Growth Spurt: CYT Indianapolis

CYT Lafayette is in good company. They are not the only new kids on the CYT block that have been noticed by the media for their growth spurt.

The Indy Star wrote this week that CYT Indianapolis is, “expanding in its 1st year… with 105 kids in theater classes and a cast of 55 children in this weekend’s production [Mulan Jr.], Westfield’s new Christian Youth Theater is growing. Disney’s Mulan Jr. is its largest and most elaborate production since the theater started in August.”

“‘We keep growing,” said Lori Rigdon, 41, Westfield. ‘The kids are working really hard and are having a great time as well,’ Rigdon said. ‘I really believe that this will be our best show yet…God has been so good to us and has greatly blessed us. CYT has far surpassed anything that I could have ever dreamed that it could be.'”

Read the complete article, here.