Show Review: CYT Kansas City’s “Mulan Jr.”

The Trailblazer Times published a show review of CYT Kansas City’s “Mulan Jr.” this week.

Here are some excerpts from the review, written by Christina Wilkins:

“The show was directed by Matthew King, with 14-year-old Andrea Stickler playing Mulan, 12-year-old Joshua Carter as Mushu, and 17-year-old James Bouchey portraying Shang. The major theme of the show was that Mulan brought honor to her family in an nontraditional way, by following her heart, using her brain and working hard for the people she loved.

The set was composed of two levels with a temple as the focal point. Additional scenery was created by turning two, ordinary-looking large Chinese fans on either side of the stage to reveal Mulan’s room and garden.

The costumes were inspired by traditional Chinese clothing. The girls wore silk dresses and had buns with chopsticks, while the boys wore silk shirts and black pants. Mushu wore black clothes and carried and gestured with a plush Mushu. The ancestors stood out because they were painted blue to resemble statues or spirits and they wore flowing silver robes.

The show had some humorous moments. The audience laughed when the soldiers suggested to Mulan that they all play strip mahjong.”

Photo taken by The Trailblazer Times

God in Attendance at CYT Denver

You might have missed the news of mother nature dumping snow on Denver earlier this month.

CYT Denver was forced to cancel a show- but where God closed one door, another door was open, and the room overflowed in attendance. Business Manager Robin Klein said,

“We had two shows going on in different locations. Our ‘Mulan, Jr.’ show in Parker was was canceled on a Friday night, due to the venue closing. [Because of that], we did not have to pay the rent that night. Our other show, ‘Joseph,’ went on without a hitch. We ended up moving some ‘Mulan Jr.’ tickets to our Saturday afternoon & evening performances, which ended up selling out!! We also had about 300 at Joseph that night so the Lord blessed us there. He really has blessed CYT Denver so much in the last year!”

Press Release: CYT Denver Presents “Mulan, Jr.”

CYT Denver returns to Parker’s Mainstreet Center with Disneys Mulan, Jr.—an action-packed stage adaptation of one of Disneys most beloved films.

The theatrical performance takes audiences back to the legendary, storytelling days of ancient China. The Huns have invaded, and it is up to the misfit Mulan and her mischievous sidekick Mushu to save the Emperor! Disney’s Mulan, Jr. is a heartwarming celebration of culture, honor and a fighting spirit.

The play includes convincing performances from nearly 50 young actors, ages 8 to 18—who spend nearly 10 hours each week working closely with the shows artistic staff. Attendees will enjoy score favorites like Honor to Us All, and Ill Make a Man Out of You—as well as a number of new songs.

To make the dancing and choreography more authentic, the team worked with a fight instructor, said show director Michelle Shannon. In addition, the beautiful sets and costumes have been hand-designed by a committed team of parents. Its exciting to see it all coming together into something that the entire group is proud of—and that families of all ages can enjoy.

Mulan, Jr. runs approximately 1.75 hours, including intermission, and will be performed Jan. 27 and Feb. 3 at 7 PM, and Jan. 28 and Feb. 4 at 2 PM and 7 PM. Mulans acting team will also perform for school-day and home school audiences on Wed., Jan. 25 at 10:30 AM. Admission is $7/person for the school-day performance and $15/adult, $12.50/child for weekend shows (advance-purchase price). Tickets can be purchased by calling 303-653-4716 or by visiting


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Behind-the-Scenes: CYT VanPort’s Mulan Jr.

CYT VanPort mom, Jackie Wood, recently posted a blog that featured a behind-the-scenes look at their sets for the upcoming production of “Mulan Jr.”

Here is a selection:

“This last weekend got turned upside down. My daughter Rachel is in a Christian Youth Theater (CYT) production of Mulan Jr. and I am in charge of sets and the painting of those sets.

As several families gathered to get some work done on Saturday it was brought up that our main set piece, a HUGE story book, may not fit into the theater. Yep, a little panic ran through me. Not being familiar with the theater, this is our first show in Beaverton, I had no idea that the loading area is tight. The book that we are using was built for another show and they used it just fine, so I think everyone in charge of our show assumed it would be fine.

Well, work came to a grinding halt as I jumped into the car to drive the hour away to check on the theater. Several parents met and measured, then built a makeshift piece to see if it would work. Thanks to the Venetian for allowing us to remove a railing during move-in, it is going to work, but just barely. A collective sigh of relief since this IS our set for the show.”

Elden and Rachel are using gliding movers to help scoot the pages around so that we can paint out the current scenes to prep for the new scenes. These pages are not only big, but heavy too. They are upside down because there are castors on the bottom that make it difficult to store upright.

Another CYT Growth Spurt: CYT Indianapolis

CYT Lafayette is in good company. They are not the only new kids on the CYT block that have been noticed by the media for their growth spurt.

The Indy Star wrote this week that CYT Indianapolis is, “expanding in its 1st year… with 105 kids in theater classes and a cast of 55 children in this weekend’s production [Mulan Jr.], Westfield’s new Christian Youth Theater is growing. Disney’s Mulan Jr. is its largest and most elaborate production since the theater started in August.”

“‘We keep growing,” said Lori Rigdon, 41, Westfield. ‘The kids are working really hard and are having a great time as well,’ Rigdon said. ‘I really believe that this will be our best show yet…God has been so good to us and has greatly blessed us. CYT has far surpassed anything that I could have ever dreamed that it could be.'”

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