A CYT exclusive interview with the star of Broadway’s Aladdin!

Get ready because this is the probably the coolest thing you’ve ever seen.

CYT NYC recently interviewed Adam Jacobs who plays Aladdin on Broadway (yes, actual Broadway). They originally filmed the interview to show to CYT students in New York who were doing an Aladdin Workshop as their Fall class. But it was just too awesome to not share with the entire CYT world.

Adam is friends with CYT NYC’s Artistic Director Carrie Cooper from their NYU days (lucky!), and he invited her into his dressing room (on actual Broadway) to do the interview.

You’ll love it, take a look!

Obviously a super duper huge thanks goes to Adam for taking the time to do this, and to Carrie for going to NYU and becoming friends with people who go on to perform on actual Broadway.

CYT Alumni Jason & Danica Russell want to share the ABC’s of Activism

Jason and Danica Russell are not just CYT alumni, they’re CYT lifers. Jason is the son of CYT co-founders Paul and Sheryl Russell, and Danica was a CYT student starting at the ripe ol’ age of six. Their journey began 30 years ago on the CYT stage with a best friendship (and dance partnership)…fast forward to today and they’ve been married for 10 years and have two kids.


Jason is the Chief Creative Officer at Invisible Children, a non-profit organization that exists to stop a brutal rebel group of abducted soldiers in central Africa (the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA) which is overseen by the warlord Joseph Kony. Danica is the jack-of-all-trades wife/mother/writer/artist/first lady of Invisible Children who dabbles in anything and everything creative.

They’ve spent the last decade devoted to their “firstborn child” Invisible Children, teaching people to fight injustice by taking action (cc: KONY 2012). They’re now applying all they’ve learned and writing a children’s book aimed at anyone who wants to get involved and give back, but feels overwhelmed about where to start.

They say it best on the book’s Kickstarter page:

We wanted to write this book for our own children, Gavin Danger & Everley Darling, as a way of explaining to them what we believe is worth fighting for, while teaching and empowering them to do the same. That they may realize: We are doing our best as parents – to give them the world, and we are doing our best as people – to make that world something worth having.

Take a look at their project page and consider making a pledge to support their efforts. And then watch the video below and join me in hoping they adopt us all.

Save the date for CYT EXPO 2015!

CYT Santa Cruz student Tisha Hulter made this video about her experience at CYT EXPO 2014. We’re going to go ahead and use this as a Save the Date reminder for the next EXPO: June 22-24, 2015. Mark your calendars!

This video can also be found on YouTube HERE.

If only CYT could do Frozen…

I came across this video from a Princess Party and it’s a perfect reminder why CYT loves:

1. Kids
2. Musicals
3. Disney
4. Kids

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 11.28.59 AM

And I think I speak on behalf of every CYT student & parent when I say I cannot wait until Disney releases the rights to Frozen.

(Video credit: Danny Nelson)

An update from CYT Japan

We’ve previously discussed how Eric Stapleton has a vision to bring CYT to Japan. He just completed his third short-term mission trip to Tokyo to serve the missionaries of TEAM and their families, and produced two CYT camps that blended music, drama, bible studies, VBS crafts, and showcases.


Eric sums it up best: “Our task was to bring a little fun and, hopefully, spiritual refreshment to the youth who have no such thing as CYT in Japan except for when we come there in the summer.”

Check out his CYT Japan blog for the full lowdown of his latest trip, including photos, videos, and some pretty incredible moments.

The amazing turnout for CYT Sacramento summer camps!

CYT Sacramento is new-ish, but it has been downright amazing to see what God has done there in just two short years.

Over the course of two weeks this summer, they had 197 campers attend their camps! That is more than triple the number of kids they had when they launched CYT Sacramento in 2012.

The video below shows footage from their two camps – Camp Side Story and Pirates & Princesses. Enjoy!

CYT Atlanta teens spent a week on an island

Summer is coming to an end, and that means most of the CYT Summer Camps around the country have wrapped. But we can relive the super fun weeks through recap videos. Like the CYT Atlanta Teen Summer Camp (theme: Once On This Island Jr.) video that they posted on their Facebook page. Looks like they had a blast!

Honorable mention: CYT Atlanta’s Fall Classes just started — check ’em out to register!