CYT Tucson getting some press for The Addams Family!

CYT Tucson is premiering The Addams Family on October 17th, and they’ve been making press rounds in anticipation of the opening.

Members of the cast were recently featured on a morning talk show in Tucson. Check them out in the video below!

Tickets for The Addams Family can be purchased HERE.

The amazing turnout for CYT Sacramento summer camps!

CYT Sacramento is new-ish, but it has been downright amazing to see what God has done there in just two short years.

Over the course of two weeks this summer, they had 197 campers attend their camps! That is more than triple the number of kids they had when they launched CYT Sacramento in 2012.

The video below shows footage from their two camps – Camp Side Story and Pirates & Princesses. Enjoy!

CYT presents: Video Curriculum

Wanna learn a triple time step from the comfort of your living room? How about learn how a CYT director prepares for callbacks? Or a helpful game to hold the attention of students and keep them quiet?

Enter CYT Video Curriculum.

CYT thinks it’s important for everyone to have access to arts education, so they started a small library of dance, theater games, and director videos via a playlist on their YouTube channel.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 3.49.36 PM They want to develop more and more instructional videos so CYT students can work on their craft whenever they have free time. In the future, CYT plans to incorporate these videos with registration software so students can automatically have access to them when they register for a CYT class.

Making quality videos takes time and resources, and if you’d like to contribute toward making them possible, please donate at:

I’d write more but I’m going to go learn how to do the buffalo.

What is CYT? Travis Russell (and a video) explain.

You may have seen the new What is CYT? video circulating around the webiverse recently. It’s an awesome look into the CYT program as a whole and highlights kids from Affiliates around the country having a blast putting on various productions. It sort of makes me wish I was under 18 again.

And while many people had a hand in making the film, I sat down with the guy who ultimately put all the pieces together: Travis Russell, CYT Inc’s Director of Communications.

Travis, break it down for me – technically speaking, why are videos a good idea?

Videos have a much greater impact connecting with people. If you look at the analytics for different mailers, posts, and pages that contain video, its engagement is easily 3-5 times higher than content without video.

A few CYT Affiliates had been asking for quite some time for a short video that would act as a “teaser trailer” to explain what CYT is. With the Spring 2014 shows quickly approaching, the time seemed right so I sifted through hours of footage and selected the best clips.

The video is super rad and I know it took a lot of work from a lot of people. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

Most of the footage came from CYT Lafayette and their amazing videographer John Rabalais from Focus Productions. Some of the footage was from Corrie Cooper from CYT NYC, and CYT San Diego. I did most of the editing which was fairly easy due to the great “CYT Theme Song” written by CYT Inc’s own Renee Kauffman.

I know nothing about making a professional video. Take me through the process.

First, using Final Cut Pro 10, I laid down the music track and marked any key music changes that needed to be on beat. I laid in the clips we selected and then trimmed each transition. The hardest part for me, not being skilled with words, was coming up with concise, explanatory text. Being simple with your text is hard.

Yes, it is. Thank you for acknowledging. Continue.

I previewed the whole video a few times making little tweaks and changes. Once it’s done you have to export it, upload it, and share it with the world. I can only watch it a few times before I go crazy wishing I had more time to make it even better.

Spoken like a true creative.

The hope is to one day be able to curate quality footage from all CYTs so everyone is represented. I hope to make many more videos about CYT so we can really get the message out about why arts education and teamwork are so important.

Thanks for the insights, Travis!

You can watch the video on YouTube, and then head over to CYT Inc’s Facebook to share it with your network of peeps.

A sneak peek of CYT Indy’s Annie Jr!

Watch out New York…CYT Indy is coming to town! Metaphorically, that is.

CYT Indianapolis is putting on the production of Annie Jr. (which we all know is set in NYC…we all know that, right?) and from the looks of it, it’s going to be a spectacularly good time.

Check out their sneak peek promo video below!

The show runs from May 15-18 at Marian University. Get your tickets here.

CYT San Diego to host students from Shanghai, China

Some performers from Shanghai children’s choir, Xin Yin, are attending CYT San Diego’s (first ever!) international summer camp. We got to catch a glimpse of some of the upcoming visitors in the below video when they performed at the Shanghai Cultural Center in honor of Disney’s 50th anniversary of “It’s a Small World”.

From July 19th through August 3rd, CYT San Diego and CYT Inc will host 34 children from Shanghai, China while they travel to California to put on Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” in a special two-week camp with American campers.

How can you get involved, you ask?

We are looking for 17 San Diego families to open their homes to host two children each. There is a $200 stipend per child paid to your family (could be used to pay for your child to attend camp!) If you and your family are interested in a cultural and life-changing adventure, please consider hosting our very special guests. More information about hosting, as well as registering for our various summer camps, can be found online at

Additional questions can be directed to

Thank you in advance!

Our Favorite Things (pun intended)

Things that are common:

At the end of the run of each CYT production, there is a strike party.

At the strike party, there are skits that members of the cast and crew dream up and perform to pay tribute to their show.

Things that are not common:

The set guys that worked on CYT Santa Cruz’s production of Sound of Music performing their own rendition of “Favorite Things” at the strike party and bringing down the house.

Follow CYT Santa Cruz on Facebook and Twitter to see what other original goodies they have up their sleeve.