The other day we caught up with Troy Hussman, CYT San Diego student, who is on tour with this year’s Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular! He talked to us about the perks of touring, backstage happenings, and his role as Patrick.

You’re on tour with Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular. Congrats! Can you tell me about the audition process?

I first auditioned for the show in 2008. It was a typical audition with reading sides and singing music from the show. After the audition and callback, I waited about a month to hear if I had been cast. The call came in July and I was so excited to hear that I would be going on tour with the Rockettes in the fall. The next two years, I was invited straight to callbacks. I have been surprised and excited each year that I have been recast.

What role are you playing? You mentioned its double-cast. What are the differences between you and the other actor?

I am playing the role of “Patrick” the older brother of the younger boy, “Ben”. Because it is a Christmas show, the conflict between Ben and me is that I don’t believe in Santa Claus. You will have to come to the show to see what changes my mind. I can tell you that it’s pretty incredible! It involves multiplying Santas, a blizzard, and dancing rag dolls! Sy plays the other “Patrick”. We have been on tour together all three years and are good friends. We have become like brothers. I think we both bring something
different to each performance.

Any humorous stories that happen back stage?

I would have to write a book! In the first year, the boys flew on a track that was suspended over the audience. One of our first stops was in Green Bay, Wisconsin. During the show, Santa and Ben were flying and I was lifted up to follow. Half way through the scene, the track got stuck and I stopped moving. They had to stop the show and ask the audience members sitting underneath where I was hanging to move aside so they could let me down. Once I was down on the ground, a man in the audience commented to me as I ran past, “you should have believed more.”

How do you like touring?

Touring is awesome. I have seen much of our country and went into Canada last year. Some of my favorite places have been Cincinnati, OH & Hershey, PA. I really liked Cincinnati because the hotel is really nice and is supposedly haunted. We were there for Halloween the first year, which was really fun! Hershey, PA, is another of my favorites because of Hershey Park and it is close enough for us to drive into New York and catch some shows.

I’m very excited for this tour because we are coming to California! We arrive back in the state on December 3rd and perform at the San Diego Sports Arena before moving on to the Honda Center in Anaheim and then the Nokia Theater in LA. The show will be in San Diego for the weekend of December 3-5. Since the show is double cast, the performances that I will be in are 7pm on Dec. 3, 1pm and 7pm on the 4th, and 11am on the 5th. I am looking forward to all my family and friends to finally see the show and the amazing Radio City Rockettes.

You can purchase tickets to Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular, here.

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