CYT National was featured on the KPBS San Diego show “Wonderland” with Noah Tafolla. In the video Noah flies like Peter Pan, and talks CYT -past & present- with the Russell family. Check out the episode below:

Noah Tafolla’s tagline for the show reveals his dedication to seeking out the best in the county, “San Diego’s a great place to live. The problem is we get so busy, we don’t have the time to enjoy it all. So I decided to take my camera and capture all I could. ”

As a result of Wonderland’s coverage, the San Diego community has began to take notice. On Twitter, Brenda Giguere replied to @cytnational: Just learned about you on the “Wonderland” show, and am very impressed. Congratulations, and continued joy and success to you.

WONDERLAND airs on KPBS in San Diego once a month. Go to and check local listings for details.

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