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Mission Statement


“Developing a new generation of leaders through service, mentorship, and leadership while reflecting Judeo-Christian values.”



HYPE, which stands for High School Youth Pursuing Excellence, is the leadership group at CYT designed to give high school students opportunities for service, mentorship, and leadership. Much like an ASB, HYPE has biweekly meetings, has positions for every member – including a council consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer – and plans social events, fundraisers, and service projects for CYT and the community.

Beyond performing these basic functions, HYPE students are mentored themselves and trained in leadership by their Adviser who challenges them to grow in excellence in their own lives. HYPE members agree to be role models and hold themselves to a higher standard at CYT by mentoring younger/new students, encouraging others at CYT to pursue excellent lives, and being available to serve and help the adults at CYT. They also help to bring CYT’s values to the community through their involvement and service with various community organizations.

For the complete HYPE Model, please see the HYPE Dropbox or email Lydia Kinne at lydia@cyt.org.

  • To challenge and grow the older students to be leaders both inside and outside of CYT.
  • To help each student grow as an individual, committing to excellence in all that is done.
  • To create hype and excitement within the CYT family that encourages all students to pursue an excellent lifestyle.
  • To build bridges between different age groups, social groups, and locations of CYT.
  • To reach the community with acts of goodwill and service.
  • To grow students’ leadership capacity.


HYPE is the student leadership part of CYT. HYPE is a service and leadership group – it is not a youth group or a Bible study. HYPE is based on the premise that when you give CYT students meaningful responsibility they will step up to the challenge. These students will have better attitudes, stay committed to CYT longer, and begin to mature appropriately as young adults and future community leaders.

Ideally, your HYPE students will be the backbone of your CYT program. Within CYT, they will set the example of older kids committed to the program and to doing all they can to better and serve it. Within the community, they will serve as CYT representatives, reaching out to serve and bring CYT’s values and services to others.

HYPE students are committed to the program for one full CYT season (aka, a full school year), and are involved in the following: attending biweekly meetings, planning social events for CYT families, organizing fundraisers, doing service projects within the community and CYT, and mentoring within CYT. In turn, HYPE students are trained by their Adviser(s) on leadership traits and roles, and are mentored to put that growth into action at CYT and elsewhere in their lives.

Starting a HYPE


What do you need to start a HYPE? Your CYT affiliate needs to have been in existence for at least a year or two, you need an adviser (typically a CYT alum, teacher or parent who is 20 years of age or older), and you need students who show leadership potential – at least 4-6 to start with.

If you feel that you have all of these components, it’s time to get the HYPE Start-Up Packet & HYPE Manual and learn more. Please contact National HYPE Director, Lydia Kinne, at lydia@cyt.org for further guidance.

HYPE Members

Once you have an Adviser, it’s time to get some members in the group! After all, HYPE would not exist were it not for the high school aged participants involved with it. A good HYPE group should have at least six members in it, and up to 20-24 max for one area.

  • In high school – freshman to seniors, no matter their age.
  • Are familiar with CYT by having successfully completed at least one full year of CYT (school year or calendar year).
  • Are teachable and willing to grow. HYPE students commit to being mentored and learning how to be leaders. A willingness to change and grow is essential!
  • Demonstrate leadership potential and/or experience. Leaders come in all different types, and while leadership experience is helpful, it is not required. HYPE teaches leadership to any who are willing to learn!
  • Have a positive reputation among CYT parents and students. HYPE is about pursuing excellence. These students set the example for behavior at CYT.
  • Are willing to commit to a full year of service with HYPE. With biweekly meetings, quarterly events and serving the CYT community at cast events, HYPE definitely requires a time commitment. Its positive returns in character & leadership training are well-worth it, though. Students will gain life-long skills through the training that HYPE provides!
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings regularly; give input and positive participation (two excused absences per session permitted).
  • Volunteer in service projects for the community.
  • Welcome new students to CYT and mentor young students.
  • Plan and put on a social each quarter for CYT families and/or students
  • Participate in at least two productions a season, either on-stage or behind the scenes in your area (committing to one specific area for the whole season – not “area-hopping”).
  • Participate in HYPE fundraisers.
  • Assisting in any other way necessary at CYT functions/classes/rehearsals
  • Build community within CYT by modeling, ministering, and mentoring


HYPE runs like an ASB with assigned positions, officers, and committees to carry out the work. These positions are based off of the idea that HYPE is a body that needs each part to function properly. Every role has special and unique responsibilities that need to be carried out each quarter. When the roles are trained and overseen properly by the Adviser, the students soon become independent and are able to function at a high level of responsibility. Positions are usually held for a year, but can be evaluated on a quarterly basis if a position turns out to be not the right fit for a student.

A HYPE does not need to have all eighteen of the official roles to function properly. At a minimum, with six members in HYPE, the officer roles, Minister of Ministries and Minister of Philanthropy should be covered. Likewise, having “members-at-large” is not encouraged – all members should feel that they have a specific and valued role in HYPE. Therefore, if you have a larger HYPE, committees for certain roles are perfectly acceptable.

For more information on the HYPE positions and their job descriptions, please see the HYPE Dropbox or email Lydia Kinne to request them.



Although HYPE can appear to always be busy, there are four core activities that the group focuses on doing throughout the year. A new HYPE can be expected to do one of each of them throughout the year – a more experienced HYPE might do one of each per class session. The core activities are 1) Mentoring, 2) Service Projects, 3) Social Activities, and 4) Fundraising.

Additionally, students are expected to attend the bi-weekly meetings to plan for those core activities and grow as a group, and advisers should plan at least one leadership retreat per year to train students further.

There are resource packets for all of the core activities, as well as a packet for team-building activities and retreat planning. Please see the HYPE Dropbox for further information on those.

  • HYPE trains students to be leaders at a young age.
  • HYPE students are more likely to bring CYT about abroad.
  • HYPE students are more likely to start CYTs throughout the US.
  • HYPE students have shown to be more dedicated to CYT.
  • HYPE students are community leaders.
  • HYPE students know the importance of commitment.
  • HYPE students mentor younger CYT kids.
  • HYPE students have better attitudes.
  • HYPE students grow more in their faith, and hence challenge others to grow.
  • HYPE teaches students to be servants and to sacrifice.
  • HYPE teaches students how to coordinate events and take responsibility.
  • HYPE students nourish a greater sense of community at CYT.
  • HYPE gives students a place to belong and a role to carry out in CYT (especially beneficial to students who may not always get lead roles in shows).
  • HYPE prepares students for the professional world in conducting meetings, completing applications and interviews, and carrying out roles to make a group function.
  • HYPE students are the representatives of the student voice to the Board and Production Team.
  • HYPE students are committed to carrying out the mission of CYT and representing it well in the community.