AJ's Kids Crane

CYT San Diego will be delivering toys to AJ Machado, Star 94.1’s morning DJ, who will be living on top of a crane in the parking lot of an IKEA until $101,000 worth of toys are raised. All toys will benefit Rady Children’s Hospital.

Linda Wolfe, San Diego’s CYT Artistic Associate, is eager for CYT to leave its mark on the community,

“We are excited to have a toy drive in each of our 8 San Diego CYT Areas to support AJ’s Kids Crane. We want to show San Diego that CYT cares- what a better way to ‘build character one stage at a time’. It will be fun to have a big group of CYT kids go down to where AJ is on the Crane and present him with a bunch of Toys.”

If you live in San Diego and want to help, please bring a new toy (more if you’re feeling merry!) and drop them off at your classes and/or rehearsals anytime from now until Thursday, October 15th. On October 16th we will be delivering the toys to AJ in person (time TBA if you want to come along).

AJ admits to being afraid of heights but said,

“The crane doesn’t go up too high, so it’s not too bad. The longest I’ve stayed in the crane is 9 days. I average about 7 days each year and I’m hoping to be down in 7 or less this year since I have a pregnant wife waiting on the ground!”

Make sure to listen for ‘CYT Theater For Kids’ on the radio, at Star 94.1 FM.

You can find complete details at Star 94.1’s AJ’s Kids Crane! webpage.

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