CYT Chicago caught up with CYT Alum Rachel Rogers in their April newsletter, The Point.

Rachel is a CYT Alum who is a senior missions major at Moody Bible Institute. She performed with Kane, McHenry and NW Cook and recently toured with MBI’s production of Godspell.

Here is the Q&A with Rachel, that appeared in The Point:

Tell us about your Moody experience.
I’ve learned so much about God, faith, life and ministry. And I’ve met the most incredible people here-friends that I will have for life.

Tell us about your opportunities with Ad Vivum.
Ad Vivum is the drama team at Moody. We go to different churches and youth groups and perform, and then have a chance to share with them via small groups or a talk back session. Not only have I met some of my best friends in this group and have been able to minister to them and alongside them, but I have also met some awesome students at churches and had some really great opportunities to share with them.

Tell us about Godspell. Why did you decide to do it with Ad Vivum? What are your hopes for it?
We were looking to do a full length production this year (as opposed to just doing skits and improv at churches) and Godspell came up. Godspell is unique in that it can be tailored to fit an audience. This was perfect to take to youth groups. The parables are engaging and fun, yet the overall message of the gospel is clearly portrayed. Also, we realized that churches could advertise for Godspell and would get an audience. Since Godspell is a well-known show (not just among Christians) it would open the door for unbelievers to come to our shows.

How was it putting up a show with all student leadership?
Godspell was led by the exec team of Ad Vivum. When we auditioned new members this year, we also took on someone who was gifted in choreography. She and I worked together on choreographing the show while Jordan directed. Everyone else put a lot of hard work into doing various things that made this show a success. It was not always easy though! We had a lot of discussions and disagreements, but ultimately was a great learning experience.

Has your perspective on theater/drama changed since being at Moody?
My perspective on drama and theater has changed a lot since being at Moody. I’ve had some incredible opportunities to be involved with local theater companies here in Chicago, and have learned a lot. I took an acting class last year, which completely changed my thoughts of acting, vulnerability, and ministry. If I could sum up what I learned, I would say that true acting requires complete vulnerability; it requires you to live honestly in your emotions. This has been a major realization for me, and has changed how I seek to live my life.

How do you think CYT prepared you for your current path?
CYT gave me a love for theater. Also, CYT gave me a lot of confidence. I think being able to perform in front of an audience, audition in front of friends, family, and people you don’t know, and work hard in a role really gave me a lot of confidence. Not to mention all of the friendships I gained in CYT. CYT really showed me a lot of what true friendship looked like.

What is God teaching you at the moment?
That he is incredibly faithful. I can truly say that God answers prayer and proves himself faithful to me, over and over again.

Anything else you’d like to share with the CYT readers?
Really enjoy the time you have in CYT. Ask a lot of questions, and don’t be afraid to take risks, onstage and off. CYT is a really safe place to make bold choices onstage, and to be intentional with those around you.

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