CYT Artistic Directors are meeting in New York City this week to gather their ideas, be inspired, and to have fun. Here is a preview of what your Artistic Directors are doing in NYC:

Tuesday, October 13
Listening to Guest Speaker, Dr. Amy Cordileone from NYU. Amy is a former CYT student, Area Coordinator, Artistic Director- and is now doing research in Africa using theater across the curriculum in different cultures. After her inspiring words, the A.D.’s will tour the NYU theater department and have a Q and A session with Amy.

Meet & Discuss.
Topics of discussion at The Players Theatre include: Show suggestions, Production costs, Teacher selection & recruiting, Selection of classes, and cutting cost during financially hard times.

Post discussion, dinner is at the ‘Annual BBQ at Virgil’s in Time Square.’ Afterward, they have time to see a show of their choice!

Wednesday, October 14
Meet and Discuss topics for Wednesday include: Technology, the Resource Library, Social Networking and CYT-TV, National blogging,
Facebook and Twitter, Summer Camps, and Expanding to a new area.

Once again, your Artistic Directors have free time to peruse the city. At 11 p.m., they get to see the view from The View Restaurant at the Marriot Marques Hotel in Time Square.

Thursday, October 15
Workshops include Advertising, Fundraising, Recruiting new families/new kids, CYT@school, Alternative Shows ideas, Staying Connected with Alumni, Block Ticketing, and Moral Questions.

Make sure to check back-in tomorrow for live blogging from the Artistic Directors Meeting, straight from the BIG APPLE!

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