Q&A with CYT Spokane’s Scott Worley

In continuing my obsession with interviewing CYTers around the nation, I recently spoke with CYT Spokane student Scott Worley. And in continuing my being so impressed with the caliber of people involved in CYT, Scott did not disappoint. Spokane is a lucky CYT Affiliate, indeed! Let’s do a little get-to-know-you. Tell me your name, age, current location, Continue Reading

Spotlight on CYT North Idaho student Kalla Mort

Sigh. I just love CYT students. I recently got a chance to speak with CYT North Idaho student Kalla Mort and she’s a gem of a human. In the below interview, we discuss her various roles, her favorite CYT moments, and what she’s up to now. Enjoy! How did you first get involved with CYT? A family friend of Continue Reading

A CYT exclusive interview with the star of Broadway’s Aladdin!

Get ready because this is the probably the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. CYT NYC recently interviewed Adam Jacobs who plays Aladdin on Broadway (yes, actual Broadway). They originally filmed the interview to show to CYT students in New York who were doing an Aladdin Workshop as their Fall class. But it was just too Continue Reading

Why children’s theatre matters

Below is an excerpt from a speech that theatre blog writer Lyn Gardner made at the Unicorn Theatre in London while being presented with an award for outstanding contribution to children’s arts by Action for Children’s Arts. Her speech offers some beautiful insight into all that theatre offers for children – not least of which is Continue Reading

Q&A with CYT Indy’s Artistic Director Tyler Hutchinson

To know him is to love him. Tyler Hutchinson is the (new-ish) Artistic Director for CYT Indianapolis, and he recently sat down with me to talk about how he became a part of the CYT family, the scope of his job, and his big dreams (which are both centered around animals). Intrigued? Read on! You’re the new Artistic Director Continue Reading

We’re taking “Awkwardly Closer Than Family” to an entirely new level

It’s November! The time of year for yummy seasonal drinks at Starbucks, layering up in warm clothes, and starting your Christmas shopping. And we’re about to help you with two of those three (sorry, Starbucks). We proudly introduce to you: The CYT Store. Before you dive in to all that it offers, we have some important things Continue Reading