Tuesday Crew Day – Meet your Improvathon Crew!

Crew Days are our favorite Tuesdays. This week, we’re introducing you to your Improvathon Crew! Meet Hannah Taraschke from Fredericksburg, VA, and Gabe Bates from San Diego, CA! These two Crew interns are going to rock EXPO with Riley Taylor, our radical Improvathon Director (who is back for year two!). They’ve both been to plenty Continue Reading

Tuesday Crew Day – Meet your Student Track Crew!

It’s once again Tuesday Crew Day and this week we’re introducing our Crew for the CYT EXPO 2018 Student track! This year we have two Crew Bosses on the Student Track. Meet Tyler Tafolla and Danny LaPointe! These guys are pros and have been involved with CYT San Diego for years, both on stage and behind the Continue Reading

We Are CYT: Working Hard and Removing Limits

CYT isn’t just having an impact on students, but on the whole family! Sunday, November 5, CYT Fredericksburg mom Heather O. posted on her facebook how much hard work CYT can be, but how the end results are worth every moment. CYT Fredericksburg closed one of their fall shows, The Little Mermaid, that afternoon. Check out Continue Reading

My CYT Story: Shoot for the moon

The following story was submitted by Emily M. from CYT Fredericksburg for our 2017 My CYT Story Contest. The story starts out like this, I’m sitting in row R, left section, we were seeing Fiddler on the Roof. I was with my mom, aunt, and grandmother. When the show started I was completely mesmerized. At intermission we looked Continue Reading

Theater is hard

Theater is hard. It’s an emotional rollercoaster of nerves, excitement, disappointment, joy, stress, and pride. There are highs and lows at each step of the way – from auditions to callbacks, the cast list coming out to the first rehearsal, and tech week through the final curtain call. Sometimes, you audition for a show and then have Continue Reading

CYT Fredericksburg Hits a Home Run!

Hey guys, check this out! CYT Fredericksburg’s Marketing and Publicity Director Allison Mayberry shared this awesome news with us and we couldn’t keep it to ourselves! “CYT Fredericksburg, along with our Season Sponsor, SimVentions, brought over 300 people to the Richmond Flying Squirrels baseball game 2 weeks ago and got to sing ‘God Bless America’ during Continue Reading

Accepting the Unreal Reality

The following story was submitted by Kendra T. from CYT Fredericksburg. for our 2016 My CYT Story Contest. Sometimes we are forced to accept the reality of life even when it’s something that we don’t want to accept. We can try hiding or ignoring the truth but even by doing that it doesn’t change it. When I first Continue Reading