Advice for Actors about working with Directors

The Samuel French sponsored everything-theatre website Breaking:(Character), recently posted an article (originally from Dramatics Magazine) discussing the “dos & don’ts” of working with a Director. As varied as directors can be in personality, style, & taste, there do exist some basic theatre etiquette truths that actors (young & old) would be keen to observe when working with Continue Reading

Heather LaForge is just trying to help

Here’s the deal. Heather LaForge, CYT Inc’s Director of Operations and occasional blog contributor, sends out a weekly email to CYT leaders around the country. The emails are entitled “Helpful Hints” but vary from inspiring insights to company updates to personal stories. She has her Ph.D., she’s a mom, she directs CYT San Diego shows, Continue Reading

What a CYT Director wants you to know about Auditions

The below post was written by Heather LaForge, CYT Inc’s multitasking Director of Operations and CYT San Diego show director. Enjoy! As each new CYT session approaches, students across the country scramble, frantically trying to choose that perfect audition song. Your mind brims with questions. Does it fit my vocal range? Does it align with the Continue Reading

CYT Expo 2014 – aka The Ultimate Student Experience

Okay, fine. We’ve been talking a lot about the upcoming CYT Expo lately. Perhaps we assume that you know what we’re talking about and perhaps that’s why we haven’t thought to properly break down why you should be as excited as we are. Until now. The bottom line is that the Expo is one big celebration of our CYT Continue Reading

The joy (and dread) of Tech Week

[The following was written by Heather LaForge, the Director of Operations of CYT Inc and director of the upcoming Thoroughly Modern Millie at CYT San Diego] Tech Week. The phrase itself drives fear and dread into the minds of directors, area coordinators, and parents. To me, the phrase conjures up images of exhaustion, tears, sickness, and Continue Reading

What is CYT? Travis Russell (and a video) explain.

You may have seen the new What is CYT? video circulating around the webiverse recently. It’s an awesome look into the CYT program as a whole and highlights kids from Affiliates around the country having a blast putting on various productions. It sort of makes me wish I was under 18 again. And while many Continue Reading