Tragic, yet inspiring.

Three costume designers from CYT Kansas City are helping to create nativity garments for a persecuted church in Iraq. They will be creating costumes alongside designers from The Culture House, a nonprofit arts academy located in Olathe Kansas, who decided to take action. St. George’s Church is located in the “Red Zone” of Baghdad, Iraq, and has more than 3,500 Iraqi Christian attendees. No was hurt with the explosion, yet damage was caused to the church compound, the church’s bookshop, school rooms, and clinic.

The blog Red !nk posted details about this last week,

“A number of The Culture House’s costume designers will be sewing together nativity costumes to help the church’s children better understand and celebrate the birth of Christ. The costumes will be sent in time for the upcoming Christmas season. Designers involved in the project include… Mary Henderson, Julia Ras and Gina Milbourn from Christian Youth Theater.”

When Gina Milbourn  met with Julia Ras about the project there was major excitement in the room. Milbourn said, “Julia is an AMAZING costumer, and she has generously helped to recruit others to help her create the costumes for the children in St. George’s Church in Baghdad.  One of our CYT KC alumni, Kelsey Milbourn, is helping also.”

We think it’s awe-inspiring and commendable what Mary, Julia, Gina, and Kelsey are doing! Please contact them if you would like to help.

You can read more about ‘Christmas in Baghdad’ at the Red !nk blog, here.

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