Gerald Broussard was compelled to get rid of stuff that lingered in his attic. The garage sale took on through word-of-mouth, and CYT Lafayette families responded in an enormous way, bringing truck loads of items the night before.

Clothes, dishes, shoes, toys, bikes, skies, books, electronics, pictures and furniture were sold, but with a CYT twist.

Kallie Broussard had this to say: “All the kids chose different characters, and their job was to stay in-character the whole garage sale. We interacted with the customers like our characters would react to them, and we performed songs from our musical Godspell. It was A LOT of fun for everyone. 🙂

CYT Lafayette plans on having a garage sale at least once a year. They
raised $600 with support and interaction between students, staff, parents and the community.

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