The following story was submitted by Kaitlyn M. from CYT San Diego for the 2019 My CYT Story Competition.

Dear CYT,

I would like to personally thank you for changing my life. In 2016 I auditioned for Annie Jr. at San Diego’s Central County. Little did I know, that would be one of the best decisions I ever made. When I auditioned I met many friendly staff members that signed me in quickly. Tons of kids wished me good luck and told me to not worry. Once I got into the show, I jumped out of bed because I was overwhelmed with joy to go to rehearsal and see my new friends.

Before CYT, I was a shy little girl that wasn’t very confident. But, I soon became a confident, bubbly, and well-rounded little girl. I learned to act, sing, and dance while having the time of my life. The biggest impact that CYT had on me was that I became much closer to God, and it helped me find myself. Though I have only done two CYT shows, I hope to be involved for the rest of my life. I have made many lifelong relationships that mean the world to me. I have noticed that, if I’m being honest, everyone who does CYT is free to be themselves no matter how quirky they may be.

So, thank you CYT for changing my life.

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