Scott Smith, college pastor at Shadow Mountain Community Church, will be joining us at EXPO for our Morning Devotions! Keep reading to get to know more about him!

Hey Everyone Coming to CYT EXPO!

Cards on the table right away, I’ve made my kids watch Newsies with me twice this month in preparation to be with you all in just a few weeks – which basically makes me Dad of the Year – Ha!  Seriously, we are so excited to be with you all at CYT EXPO this year, as we learn what it means to Seize the Day in our lives.

A few things you need to know before we meet in just a few weeks.

1) My wife is RAD, simple as that. And she is a Rockstar CYT Teacher (I’m biased, but she is)  

2) Our kids are the BEST of us! Our daughter, Hope, is already a CYT kid, and our son, Silas, tries to sing every song he can while substituting the word “poop” as often as possible – he’s a three year old boy, so…. 

3) I am praying for you. I really am. In fact, we, the Smiths, are praying for you. EXPO is a first for me, as I’m sure it is for some of you, and we are excited for the week! 

4) We are going to get real. Life is quick, and Love is crucial. So, we are going to look at what Jesus says about Seizing the Day together and how we can follow His Lead in becoming the change we want to see.

OK, we’ve got Mission Bay, awesome programming, food, fun, workshops, friends (old, new and soon-to-be), music and of course our nationwide CYT family coming together in just a few weeks.  So get pumped!  Stoked to meet you all at EXPO!

Singing the wrong words to Newsies songs all month – driving my wife crazy,


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