CYT Atlanta has finally found a home for Sandy, the dog used in their show Annie Jr.. They worked side-by-side with CBS Atlanta and Fulton County Animal Services to promote pet adoption in the Atlanta area. The community casted their votes for one of three dogs at the CBS Atlanta Better Mornings web site, with the winner of the contest to play Sandy in their upcoming production. Macy was chosen, and the popularity and attention began.

Allison Neal, the woman behind CYT Atlanta Public Relations, created the concept of blogging for Sandy. She explains Sandy’s purpose and function,

“CYT Atlanta was excited to use their recent production of Annie, Jr. to highlight the plight of unwanted animals. We were able to select three wonderful dogs from the local shelter and through our publicity efforts to select one as our Sandy, we facilitated the adoptions of all three. Our Sandy was a huge hit in the play and ended up being adopted by a CYT family. She, along with the other two, are now enjoying happy endings! In addition, all of the scout troops who attended our scout day show donated dog food for the shelter. We hope that we’ll be able to use future productions to spotlight local causes.”

Home Sweet Home. The search for Sandy lasted a little over a month. Last words are blogged by the lucky lady herself:

“Wow! What a great ride this has been! We’ve played to sellout crowds over and over and EVERYONE LOVES ME!!!! I’m truly a star now, look out Taco Bell Chihuahua your job may be in jeopardy!

I got to spend the night with a bunch of different families this week, some of them were ‘trying me out’ to see if they might want to adopt me. One of the families decided that they DID want to adopt me and now I get to go home with them on Sunday after the last show! My family has five kids and a huge yard with a fence so I can run and run. I’m so excited that I’m going to go home for good.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to give me a happy ending….I sure got one! I won’t be an orphan anymore!!!!!

Love, Sandy”

If you would like to read more about Sandy’s journey with CYT Atlanta, read here.

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