Whether you’re on the Improv Track, the HYPE Track, or the Student Track for this year’s EXPO, you’re going to love our Track Directors! Read on to meet the incredible people behind your EXPO activities!

Meet the Improv Track Director, Riley Taylor.

Riley is an elementary teacher in Kansas City. He has been involved in CYT for two decades. His prior roles include Improvathon Director, CYT Kansas City Improv coach, and Unnamed Townsperson in Little House on the Prairie. Even if you’re not participating in the Improv Track, you’ll get to see him in action as the host for the 2019 Improvathon Finals on Friday, June 29th of EXPO! We’ll be streaming the event live on our social media. More details to come!

Meet the HYPE Track Director, Lydia Kinne

Lydia Kinne is a 5th grade teacher by day and National HYPE Director by night. She was involved with CYT Spokane for eleven years, starting as a student, and continuing on as a teacher, camp director, and HYPE advisor. She has been developing the national HYPE program for the last several years, and loves getting to know student leaders around the country – especially at the National Expo every year! Lydia is passionate about student leadership, and loves helping to grow the impact of CYT and HYPE throughout the nation.

Meet the Student Track Director, Hannah Taraschke

Hannah Taraschke is a Virginia based theatre director and performer, specializing in musical theatre and improvisational acting. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Theatre from Franciscan University, where she fell in love with directing and fell even more in love with the Lord’s presence in her life. Hannah was a student with CYT Fredericksburg for 7 years and after she aged out she began working for CYT as a stage manager, class teacher, camp counselor, improv coach, and director. She has a background in childhood education/development, working for many schools, churches, and children’s programs. During her time in school, Hannah directed and choreographed several musicals and wrote her Senior Thesis on the benefits of Drama Therapy for children. She is CYT’s biggest fan and has attended EXPO three times since 2015. Hannah has a huge heart for young people and is pursuing a career in drama therapy for children and adolescents. She plans to continue directing, teaching, and performing all while striving to share the love and joy of Christ in every aspect of her life and career.

Stay tuned for more blog posts highlighting activities for each track! You won’t want to miss the sneak-peak into the “out of this world” events happening this year at EXPO!

Haven’t registered yet? Don’t worry, there’s still time! Head to cyt.org/expo and sign up today!

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