The following story was submitted by Emily N. from CYT Lafayette for our 2018 My CYT Story Contest.

In May of 2011, my family and I went to see CYT Lafayette’s Beauty and the Beast. Although only in the second grade, I was blown away. I saw the kids up on stage and decided I wanted to do that. So that summer, I signed up for camp. I loved camp so much that in the winter, I begged my mom to sign me up for classes. It was kind of a big deal because I live about 30 minutes away from Lafayette. She finally said yes and I did my first acting class. I absolutely LOVED it! That spring I auditioned and got cast in my first show, Aladdin. Being up on stage just made me feel at home. But the thing I loved most about CYT, was the family I had. The bond I had with my cast and fellow classmates was unbreakable. 6 years later, I’m auditioning for my 7th show and I cannot wait. My friends and I have shared so many memories together and I cannot wait to share even more. I have grown closer to God through worship and learned how to perform for Him. CYT didn’t just help me love theater, but it gave me another place I can call home.


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