The following story was submitted by Megan R. from CYT Sacramento for our 2018 My CYT Story Contest.

When I think of CYT, I think of kindness, compassion, love. At CYT we’re all family. We respect each other; we love each other; we go through tough times together; and still we make it through. At CYT we can be different. We don’t have to be the people others want us to be. We’re free to embrace ourselves. You don’t have to hide yourself away. You don’t have to be the light that gets covered. Let it shine to the whole house. Be yourself!

When I joined CYT, I was easily welcomed. No one was rude to me or thought of me as “just a person,” but as a friend. What I love about CYT is that you can be yourself. They welcome you. It is Christian Youth Theater; we don’t have to hide our beliefs. As a Christian, we can go deeper into the Word of God. We get closer to Christ. We develop a stronger relationship. They encourage us to do this. CYT is a theater company unlike any other. We are unique. We are dramatic. We are Christian! And that is what I love about CYT.

Personally, I enjoy my classes and love my teachers. And even though we live quite a distance away, my mom is willing to drive me.

It makes me happy that we can laugh; we can go thought things easily together; we can be a family. I feel that CYT is all about family. We are strong together. We are brothers and sisters of Christ. Family like this has a strong bond. When we raise money, we don’t just do it for ourselves. We use it to help others. We are loving and caring. And our family keeps growing and growing and growing! CYT is my family. It is a place I feel safe. To anyone who is at CYT or is going to join, this will be a great big family because we are “awkwardly closer than family.” We are one big, fun, loving, dramatic, happy family.

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