The following story was submitted by Anna H. from CYT Waco for the 2019 My CYT Story Competition.

CYT Waco is my family. I felt included there like nowhere else. It began to feel like family when I was at rehearsals with my mom even when I was not called. I would sit at the back of the rehearsal, but the director invited me to come play the games and even stand in place of someone who wasn’t at rehearsal that night. I felt wanted and included in a way I never had before. The next show I was sure it was a mistake when the director phoned and told me my role. I could not believe that I could be trusted with that big of a role until I was at the first rehearsal. But the director built my confidence and I succeeded as Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web. Soon, I found myself in roles and positions helping the newer actors find their place. I began to realize CYT was a place to give as well as receive. More than once when I had a need, my CYT family showed up for me. On my lowest days when I have not wanted to keep going, I remembered that my CYT family was counting on me and that gave me the strength to show up one more day. Without CYT, I would never be the person I am today.

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